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Elysium is the world of Disco Elysium. The name is a Dolorian era term of endearment.[1]


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Perikarnassis is repeatedly cited as the oldest known ancient civilization, located on the "super-isola" of Perikarnassis.[2][3][4][5] Since the Perikarnassis Incident, or their fall, there has been nearly 8,000 years of recorded history.[6] It is unclear what exactly caused this incident; but it is implied that the pale was involved.

The Innocences[]

From this point forward, the known history of Elysium is heavily centered on the innocences. Not much is known about the isolas outside of inncoentic influence, including Seol: an isolationist panisolary west of the Insulinde.[7] There are six elected innocences,[8] though only four legitimate ones are known: Pius, the First Innocence; Franconegro, the innocence of militarism; Dolores Dei, the innocence of interisolary travel; and Sola, the anti-innocence.

Pius and Franconegro[]

500 years ago, Franconegro was coronated in an unspecified isola, starting the approximately two centuries of the Franconigerian period.[9][10] Franconegro gave "The Perikarnassian," the first innocence, the name of Pius.[11]

Not much is known about Pius (even his gender is ambiguous), but he is often depicted as a young man with molten gold pouring out of his mouth. Some claim he invented god and equality of men before god, and he also introduced the gold standard. It is presumed that his disciples were the beginning of the Holy Party, also known as the Founding Party.[11] To this day, the Holy Party seeks out the re-emergence of the innocence.[12]

Franconegro implemented reál as the unified currency, codified hereditary rule, ended serfdom, and invented the concept of the Nation.[13] Franconigerian troops wore lamellar and carried flintlock guns,[14] and the heavy calvary was known for being very wide.[15] The Mesque see him as the father of nations due to his militarism and nationalism.[16]

At one point of his reign, Franconegro attempted to solve rising tensions between the aristocracy and bourgeoisie by building a unified society, in which every man could rise to nobility based on "virtue."[17]

Trains existed in the Franconigerian era.[18]

Dolores Dei[]

Stained glass portrait of Dolores Dei and Irene La Navigateur below her

300 years ago,[19] Dolores Dei was introduced Queen Irene La Navigateur's Suresne court[20] by way of her husband, an influential marchese.[21] Like other women of the court, she was expected to play both contract bridge and chess well enough, and to have a decent enough education, to be entertaining to the men. Compared to others, however, she was exceptionally charming and smart. She learned much from the court, which solicited great thinkers and artists, and amassed much influence even before she became an innocence, eventually becoming the queen's primary advisor.[22][21]

Under her advice, Irene La Navigateur sponsored numerous costly voyages into the pale, which eventually led to the discovery of the Insulindian isola, or the "New New World." Two years after the first successful voyage, she was crowned as the new innocence.[22]

At her coronation in Advesperascit, her homeland located in Vesper-Messina,[23] it is said that her lungs began glowing from love.[20][24] Thus began the Dolorian Era: widely considered to be the golden age for humanity.

Deora, Rheasilvia, and Advesperascit were the three "Crown Cities" of the Dolorian era. It is implied that airships existed at this time.[25]

Dolores Dei was an innocence of humanism, internationalism, three scientific revolutions, balance of terror theory, and the welfare state.[26] She codified parliamentary democracy and created institutions, including Moralist International, or the Moralintern.[27]

Modern critics point to her campaigns against the Mesque state, which tried to detached itself from innocent/secular rule, and the resettlement programs of upstream Magritte. She suppressed dissenters with a military force called "The Army of Humanity."[28]

Dolores Dei kept a secret service called "Therriers" that protected her safety.[23] 22 years after her coronation, she was killed by one of the Therriers who suspected she was not entirely human. He is reported to have screamed "We were supposed to come up with this ourselves!" before shooting her eight times in the chest.[29]

Her legacy is the Moralintern, which was founded by many of the same Founding Party members that elected Dolores Dei as innocence. Other Founding Party members also moved to Sur-la-Clef and proceeded to invent modern corporate finance.[30]

Her colors are silver, white, and apricot.[31]


Sola was anointed within the previous century and even lived to see the current one. She was an urban planner who spoke her mind, encouraging people to excel on their own. As such, she is often called an "anti-innocence." She resigned after an assassination attempt by a Yugo nationalist, who blamed her for not taking the side of the left during the Antecentennial Revolution.[32]

Antecentennial Revolution[]

Communist Anarchist Flag

The Antecentennial Revolution, also known as the Turn-Of-The-Century Revolution[33] or World Revolution,[34] was a series of interisolary conflicts primarily between the Communists, known as the Communards, and the Moralintern and royalty. It began in Graad, in '02,[35] sparked in part by a virulent prion pandemic, called "tzaraath"[36] and Kraz Mazov.[37]

The Revolution was crushed by the Coalition. In '08, Graad's Eleven Day Government was overthrown.[38] The Commune of Revachol ends with the signing of the Revacholian Instrument of Surrender in '10[38][39] following Operation Death Blow: the bombing of Martinaise, Stella Maris, and the Delta.[40] However, the Suzerainty of Revachol was dissolved by the communists with the death of Frissel the First.[41][42]

40 million people died in the revolution. By the end, nearly all communists and anarchists were wiped out by Coalition forces.[43] Before that, however, communists and anarchists killed two million people within the Insulinde, and Joyce Messier claims that Mazovianism led to the deaths of fifteen million people in Graad.[44]

Modern Elysium[]

By '51, there are 3.6 billion people plus an unspecified number of Seol citizens in the world.[45] One line suggests that the total population is 4.6 billion.[46]

Areas such as Supramundi, Yeesut, the Semenese Islands, and Saramiriza are centers of proxy wars.[47][48] Of note is Co Hoi, a South Safre village wherein numerous atrocities are commited daily, mostly by Graad in its proxy war against Safre.[49] Private military contractors like Krenel operate in these areas, furthering corporate interests.[48]

The Moralintern, in association with the Coalition of Nations, acts as the leading international organization, easing diplomatic relations between countries, establishing trade and commerce, and managing the development of post-revolutionary states and poor nations. All of this is done through a series of complicated systems and subsidiary organizations, including EPIS and the International Collaboration Police.

Harry Du Bois, informed by Shivers, predicts that in 22 years, Revachol will be leveled by an atom bomb.[50]



Terms relevant to the discussion of Elysium's geography are defined below:

  • Isola: a Messinian word for a continent of matter, enveloped on all sides by the pale.[51]
  • Pale: the achromatic, odorless, featureless separative tissue between the isolas,[52] covering 72% of the surface of Elysium.[53]

General Features[]

Because Elysium has not yet quite reached orbit, images of the world are compiled from the ground. Scientific studies from the ORG nations (Occident-Revachol-Graad) are beginning to piece together something resembling a "dark grey corona," as opposed to the sphere shape believed in before. If there were, in fact, a sphere shape before, it was broken up by the pale.[53]

There are seven known isolas: Mundi, Seol, Samara, Graad, Katla, Iilmaraa, and Insulinde.[51]


Mundi is the largest isola[54] located to the north of the Insulindian isola.[55] The Occidental sub-continent[56] of the Mundi isola includes nations such as Oranje,[57] Vesper, Messina,[58] Sur-la-Clef,[59] Königstein,[60] and Gottwald.[61] Other countries on the Mundi isola are Kedra,[62] Meteo,[63] Saramiriza,[58] Supramundi,[64] Mesque,[64] Ubi Sunt?,[65] and Sao.[58] During the Dolorian era there were 40 Mondial nations.[64]

The Occident is located to the south of Kedra, which sits in the mid-northern area of the Mundi isola between the Irmalan mountain range and the Pisantic *mare interregnum*.[62] The Irmalan Plateau is where the vast majority of the world's supply of cocaine is produced, typically by slave labour.[66] Königstein is located in central Occident.[60] On the southeast coast of the Occident is a peninsula mostly taken up by Vesper and Messina.[67] Ubi Sunt? is described as both an island drifting in the pale off the coast of Vesper[65] and as a peninsula.[68] This could possibly be due to Ubi Sunt? being surrounded on three sides by water and on one side by pale. Staadskanaal is an artificial channel in the Occident that is connected to the Preto Grande.[69]

Mesque is the world's largest state by territory.[70] Magritte is a river in the great steppes of northern Mesque.[71] Villalobos is a peninsula on Mesque.[72] The dormant shield volcano Corpus Mundi, that stands as the world's highest summit at 18.9 km, is likely located on Mundi given the name.[73]

Mesque and Messina share a border,[74] as do Gottwald and Oranje.[75]


Seol is a protectionist, isolationist panisiolary state west of the Insulindian isola.[7]


Samara is an isola located to the east of the Insulindian Isola.[55]

Samara has subtropical jungles.[76] The vast Koko Nur desert is located in South Samara.[77] Siigay is an arcipelago on the isola.[78]

Countries on Samara include Safre, South Safre, the Samarskilt AR, Hsin-Yao, Lo Manthang, and the People's Republic of Samara (SRV).


Graad is an isola located to the northeast of the Insulindian isola.[55]

On the extreme southeast[79] of the isola is Yekokataa, a desolate wasteland that supports virtually no plant or animal life.[80]

Countries on Graad include Yugo-Graad, Zsiemsk, Shest, and Igaunija.


Katla is the coldest isola[54] covered in tundras and taigas.[81] Beyond a certain latitude in Katla known as *winter's orbit* there are 25 hours in a day.[82] There are northern lights there.[83] The Boreal Plateau is one of the northern-most points of Katla.[84]

Countries on Katla include Vaasa[85] and Arda.[86]


Iilmaraa is an isola with the ancestral name Ile Marat.[87] The southeast of the isola contains the mostly unexplored Uamrao canyon.[88] The Uamrao canyon is east of the Erg desert and is the world's largest canyon system.[89] The vast Red Plateau exists in Provincia Gurdi.[90] It has deserts[91] and dunes.[92] The Ea mountain range was the site of the first encounter with the Col Do Ma Ma Daqua.[93]

Countries on Iilmaraa include Gurdi,[90] Tioumoutiri,[94] Bashir, Yeesut, and Sahrava.[92]


The Insulindian isola is located to the south of Mundi, the southwest of Graad, the west of Samara, and the east of Seol.[55] It is home to the world's largest body of water, the Insulindian ocean,[95] and has the largest amount of water proportional to the land of all isolas.[54] The Insulindian isola has 78,000 islands[96] and has a population of 850 million people.[97]

Le Caillou is the fourth largest island in the world[98] and is the largest of the fertile, uninhabited islands in the northeast of the isola.[99] Located on Le Caillou is the city of Revachol.[100]

The major countries and regions on the Insulindian isola are Revachol,[100] the Free State of Semenine (also called the Semenine Islands or Ile du Fantôme),[100] Ozonne,[100] Face-à-La-Mer,[101] Laurentide,[100] Archipelagos,[100] Résurrection,[102] and the North Arcade Islands.[103]


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    JOYCE MESSIER - "The real king abdicated and lived out a long and productive life as a venture capitalist in Graad."
    YOU - "Smart king."
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    JOYCE MESSIER - "Oh, and the anarchists too! They shot them well. So well one forgets they even existed."
    YOU - "You could say they got *totally* shot in the head."
    JOYCE MESSIER - "Indeed. They piled them in mass graves in Ozonne and, well --that's the last anyone heard of those people."
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    JOYCE MESSIER - "Did they ever. Before they got shot themselves, they shot two million people."
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    JOYCE MESSIER - "Mundi, Seol, Samara, Iilmaraa, Graad, Katla, and this -- Insulinde."
  52. YOU - "Okay... what is the pale *like*?"
    JOYCE MESSIER - "Achromatic, odourless, featureless. The pale is the enemy of matter and life. It is not *like* any other -- or *any* thing in the world. It is the transition state of being into nothingness."
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    YOU - "How come?"
    JOYCE MESSIER - "Great things are difficult to achieve. For now, we're viewing the world from the inside -- sideways."
    YOU - "Inside sideways? What *shape* is this world then?"
    JOYCE MESSIER - We used to think it was a sphere, but that is beginning to look less and less likely by the day. You wouldn't know it from the tabloids, but the ORG nations have been launching weather balloons into the lower ionosphere since the Thirties."
    ENCYCLOPEDIA - ORG: Occident-Revachol-Graad.
    JOYCE MESSIER - "There's a steadily increasing trickle of images. Between the big three scientific contributors. they're piecing together a dark grey corona."
    YOU - "A dark grey corona?"
    JOYCE MESSIER - "Yes." She pauses. "Pale covers 72% of the surface. There are grey flares and prominences, even arcs above entire isolas... The images are blurry, but if there was a sphere in there it certainly looks like it fractured a long time ago."
  54. 54.0 54.1 54.2 JOYCE MESSIER: "An oceanic isola. It comprises mostly of water. Mundi is the largest, Katla the coldest, Insulinde the bluest. What can I say..." She stops. "Each is perishing and dear."
  55. 55.0 55.1 55.2 55.3 MAP WALL: The ocean breaks apart into a tangle of cosines and azimuths, all pointing into pale nothingness. *Mundi* is the north azimuth; *Graad* is the northeast azimuth; *Samara* is the east azimuth; *Seol* is the west azimuth. *Isolas*, they're called.
  56. ENCYCLOPEDIA: When he says Occidental he means white. originally from the Occidental sub-continent on Mundi.
  57. ENCYCLOPEDIA - The Republic of Oranje is a democratic nation on the Mundi isola, north of her, over the sea and across the pale. It is one of six major Occidental nations to hold stake in the continued occupation of Revachol (the Coalition). People consider it a *reasonable* superpower.
  58. 58.0 58.1 58.2 ENCYCLOPEDIA - As you read it you think: that leaves out dark haired Mesque, Sao, Saramirizian, Kedreatic... Lighter skinned Occidental means this man could be... Vespertine? Oranjese? Messinian. Those three are on the table.
  59. SUNDAY FRIEND - "The Occident is part of the normal world. Oranje, Sur-la-Clef..."
  60. 60.0 60.1 TRANT HEIDELSTAM - "Me? Yes, at some point, I'm sure I have. There was this one rather, uh," he stops smiling at the reminiscence, "*memorable instance* when I had a chance to meet the head of Dominion Police of Königstein."
    TRANT HEIDELSTAM - "And, as you know, they have this very distinctive dress uniform with scarlet breeches and little cylindrical fur caps, I think these are called..." You daze off, as Trant tells you about the peculiarities of mounted police forces in central Occident.
  62. 62.0 62.1 THE GREATEST INNCONCE - Incorrect. Kedra is a large nation in the mid-northern area of the Mundi isola, north of the Occident, between the Irmalan mountain range and the Pisantic *mare interregnum*. Care to try again?
  63. ANDRE - "Meteo. A country. On Mundi?" He looks at you, squinting his eyes to see if you're kidding. "On the Mundi isola."ENCYCLOPEDIA - One of the poorest of the first world nations today -- but once a great ancient civilization. Capital: Thylakos-by-Pisantic.<nowiki>
  64. 64.0 64.1 64.2 ENCYCLOPEDIA: As did we all. The lands of Mesque and the Occident and even far-away Supramundi -- altogether twenty one of the fourty Mondial nations of the time -- immediately accepted innocentic rule. Even before her crowning.
  65. 65.0 65.1 ENCYCLOPEDIA - The Ubi are known for their partiality to socialism and sheep. They come from an island called Ubi Sunt?, drifting in the pale off the coast of Vesper. It's the only place in the world that has a question mark in it's name. Things are not well there: It's an island of poverty and entroponetic collapse.
  66. ENCYCLOPEDIA - Or 'Irmalan Gold,' for the plateau on which most of the world's supply is grown and harvested, typically by slave labour...
  67. THE GREATEST INNOCENCE - Incorrect. Vesper-Messina is not a person, but a defunct state on the southeastern coast of the Occident. It used to take up most of the peninsula, before separating into the republics of Vesper and Messina. Care to try again?
  68. ENCYCLOPEDIA - His accent is so thick it's impossible not to notice he's Ubi. From the vanishing peninsula of Ubi Sunt? (sic) on Mundi.
  69. JOYCE MESSIER - "Then he made his way to the Preto Grande, through what I think is the Staadskanaal -- an artificial channel through the Occident. From the Preto he sailed to the Insulindic ocean. First the Semenese islands, then this..." She points to his heart.
  70. ENCYCLOPEDIA - The Confederate Republic of Mesque -- the world's largest state by territory -- has fallen into an especially nihilistic strain of nationalism lately.
  71. ENCYCLOPEDIA - A*boiadero* (*boia* for short) is a cow herder from upstream Magritte, the great steppes of Northern Mesque. He is a rugged individualist and explorer.
  72. ENCYCLOPEDIA - That accent is Villalobos -- a peninsula on Mesque *and* a district in Jamrock. There's a sizable contingent of Villalobos-speaking mesques in Revachol.
  73. ENCYCLOPEDIA - What you *do* know is: at 18.9 km, the dormant shield volcano *Corpus Mundi* is the world's highest summit; and the failure of the '38 single 'Et Puis Du Sang' to crack the Top 20 was the death knell of disco. But -- what a *field autopsy* is? You have no idea.
  74. LE FUMÉE, VOL. 1 NO. 4 - You also skip over an article about heavy fuel oil smuggling along the Mesque-Messina border, something about bear wrestling in Samara, book riots in Yugo-Graad...
  75. KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) - "In Oranje, officer. It's a... I think *municipality* is the term? A nowhere-town there."
    ENCYCLOPEDIA: The Lelystad municipality has few boroughs and even fewer cities -- it's made of agricultural plots near the border of Gottwald. executive summary: cows, silos, and wheat.
  76. GARY, THE CRYPTOFASCIST - "It's found in the subtropical jungles of Samara. Extremely difficult to spot it as it appears to the untrained eye like common mud. It's thought to be impossible to catch and *very* dangerous."
  77. LENA, THE CRYPTOZOOLOGIST'S WIFE - "The Giant lives in the most arid parts of the vast Koko Nur desert, in South Samara, casting a strange light across the barren wastes."
  78. ENCYCLOPEDIA - This man probably comes from Siigay, sometimes known as the 'Apricot Suzerainty', an archipelago on the Samaran isola.
  79. ENCYCLOPEDIA - "Yekokataa" is an abbreviation for the Graadian term "Zone of Ecological Catasrophe", an agricultural megaproject in the extreme south east of the Graadian isola. It involved cutting-edge approaches to irrigation and a completely new type of fertilizer.
  80. ENCYCLOPEDIA - In fact, Yekokataa is a desolate wasteland whose name literally translates to *Zone of Ecological Catastrophe*. It features no scenic vistas and supports virtually no plant or animal life.
  81. ENCYCOPEDIA - Sounds *boreal*, like something from the tundra- and taiga- covered Katla isola. Far, far away from here -- as far as possible, really.
  82. ENCYCLOPEDIA - There is a place far away in Katla, beyond a certain latitude known as *winter's orbit*, where there are 25 hours in a day. It is a tremendously cold place, abandoned to drunks and failed rock stars. Full of eternite, depression and half finished ski flying hills. The Suru live there.
  83. BIRD'S NEST ROY - "Besides, I've been to Katla, though not quite as far north as the Hjelmdall, and watched the northern lights travel across the sky. Very unique energetic tides there."
  84. LENA, THE CRYPTOZOOLOGIST'S WIFE - She smiles. "Well, the smallest cryptid is the *Cryobacter katlenis*, a unicellular bacterium. It was discovered in one of the northern-most points of Katla on the Boreal Plateu -- by renowned geologist Catelyn Mijanou some 70 years ago."
  85. ENCYCLOPEDIA - It's Suruese. The Suru are an indigenous ethnic minority in the social democratic powerhouse Vaasa, on the tundra and taiga covered isola of Katla. Far, far away from here -- as far as possible, really.
  86. BIRD'S NEST ROY - "The Man from Hjelmdall is the hero of a series of popular books based on a fictional version of Katla, mostly what is nowadays Arda NFD."
  87. SUZERAINITY: THE BOARD GAME: From the Empire of Safre: orange apricot tokens. From Ile Marat (the ancestral name of Iilmaraa): gray marble block tokens. From the Semenine Islands: white sacks of sugar tokens. And from Supramundi and Saramiriza: magenta tokens for unprocessed cocaine leaves.
  88. LENA, THE CRYPTOZOOLOGIST'S WIFE: "It happened on a botanical expedition into the vast and unexplored Uamrao canyon in southeast Iilmaraa. Dr. Plattenkalk got separated from his group during a sandstorm..."
  89. LENA, THE CRYPTOZOOLOGIST's WIFE: "The world's largest canyon system, sweetie. It's a barren waste east of the Erg desert -- an ancient riverbed, completely dried up."
  90. 90.0 90.1 AUTHORITY - Selflessness forms the basis for the warrior code. An ageless code, as fit for nomadic Iilmaraan tribes traversing the vast Red Plateau in Provincia Gurdi as it is for your neighbourhood postman.
  93. LENA, THE CRYPTOZOOLOGIST'S WIFE - "When playing back recordings they had made in the foothills of the Ea mountain range, they noticed... certain anomalies -- patterns that seemed random at first, but, on closer examination, were consistent with the waveforms of song birds..."
  94. ENCYCLOPEDIA - Tioumoutiri was a Revacholian colony on Iilmaraa. The suzerainty's population was mostly Iilmaraan Areopagites -- up to 97%. The region was known for its tobacco export. Hence the name.
  95. JOYCE MESSIER - "Yes. We are on an island in an ocean. The world's largest body of water -- the Insulindic."
    ENCYCLOPEDIA - Known to the early Revacholians as *les Immensités Bleues* -- The Blue Immensities.
  96. JOYCE MESSIER - "But they could not. They were sane and conscious, as islands began to appear on the horizon... There are 78,000 uninhabited islands in the Insulindian archipelago, officer. The freckled face of god," she smiles.
  97. ENCYCLOPEDIA - 850 million people live on these tiny dots. An oceanic world of culture and commerce, torn apart by history.
  98. ENCYCLOPEDIA - Technically, the neighbouring Ozonne and Face-à-La-Mer island groups are archipelagos, while Le Caillou, by contrast, is a single, fertile land mass, the fourth largest island in the world. It is not an archipelago.
  99. JOYCE MESSIER - "On Caillou..." She studies your reaction. "The Pebble, the largest of the fertile, uninhabited islands of the northeast Insulindian archipelago. Four centuries and two revolutions later."
  100. 100.0 100.1 100.2 100.3 100.4 100.5 MAP WALL - You can. On Caillou -- Revachol, a single black star; on Ozonne -- Fond de l'Air and Virmandeux; on Archipelagos -- Croyant-Morain, Villiers; on Semenine -- Olduvai. And on Laurentide -- Deora Of The Seven Seas...
  101. ENCYCLOPEDIA - Technically, the neighbouring Ozonne and Face-à-La-Mer island groups are archipelagos, while Le Caillou, by contrast, is a single, fertile land mass, the fourth largest island in the world. It is not an archipelago.
  102. SHIVERS - Further out, the lights burn bright on Résurrection; way beyond Martinaise -- a popular spa destination for ample-bodied Ozonne kids with equally ample pockets.
  103. MAP WALL - Ozonne, Laurentide, Face-a-la-Mer, Archipelagos, North Arcade Islands... all just specks of dust on the vastness of the Insulindic. On the edges of the map, the colour fades into a blur of dotted lines. Black and white.