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Encyclopedia is an Intellect skill in Disco Elysium. Call upon all your knowledge. Produce fascinating trivia.

Cool for: Thinkers, Historians, Trivia Freaks

Encyclopedia makes you a know-it-all, turning your mind into a database of facts. It enables you to draw on these facts innately, offering a wealth of background knowledge to all things related and unrelated to your case. Who knows when the history of cigarette brands will provide the breakthrough you need to arrest a murderer – or when knowledge of pre-Revolutionary guns might save a life?

At high levels, Encyclopedia shares this wealth of knowledge to an almost overwhelming degree – while it may give you crucial breakthroughs, it more often will clutter your mind with useless tidbits. With low levels of Encyclopedia, though, you’ll be forced to work with only the clues in front of you. Without any background knowledge, copping is going to be tough stuff.


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