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Endurance is a Physique skill in Disco Elysium. Take the blows. Don’t let the world kill you.

Cool for: Fighters who can take a hit, Lookouts who don’t sleep, Human Batteries

Endurance is your metabolism and circulatory system. It improves your Health – one of the two health pools in the game. It enables to survive being a cop. Who cares if you can’t aim a gun, if you can take a few bullets? Why be afraid of drugs that hurt your health if you’re a very, very healthy man?

At high levels, Endurance enables you to take a few knocks to the head, enjoy a greater quantity of drugs, and shake off a few cardiac arrests – it makes you a powerful man, who looks down on the weaklings who can’t keep up. However, cops with low Endurance are likely to struggle. The body is frail already, and the flesh of a cop will often be tested. And if it doesn’t pass, it dies.


Clothing bonuses[]

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