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"Damn right I'm up to something, Harry!" The fist lands on the table again. "I'm gonna make the working man as rich as *Joyce Messier*. That's my job. Just like yours is to keep the peace."

Evrart Claire is a character in Disco Elysium.


This is the Representative for the Union of Harbour Workers or Debardéurs Union. He looks surprisingly young for a guy this fat - though the uncharitable would also call him a fat walrus upon first sight. At any rate, if ever there was a cat who got the cream, it’s Evrart Claire, foreman of the Dockworkers’ Union of Martinaise. Known locally as “the Union boss,” he wields power that far exceeds the powers granted by his office.

This should come as no surprise in Revachol, a city provisionally governed by a Coalition of Nations less interested in governing than in casual exploitation, where even law enforcement has little authority. People like Evrart who know how to be something for everyone flourish in such circumstances. You’ll find that the citizens of Martinaise either love him or hate him, but all of them are forced to reckon with him — and with the members of the Dockworkers’ Union, who think of themselves as the real police in Martinaise.

Upon meeting him, you’ll quickly realise that Evrart is a man of great ambition and few scruples. But he’ll always welcome you with a smile and insist on talking “man to man.” You may find yourself thinking he’s just a mob boss putting up a congenial front, but, then, who and what is there apart from organised crime and corporations (arguably interchangeable terms) to keep the peace and attempt steps toward progress in the region? Surrounded by apartment buildings still bearing the marks of the failed Revolution of half a century ago, you may be tempted to hope that a fat cat whose primary motivations are to increase his power and line his own pockets is an appropriate leader.

And while you may not trust him, you’ll have to reckon with him, just like everybody else. He knows things. He has people. And if rumors are to be believed, he had the prior Union boss removed, by making a deal with one of the few Communist holdouts still left in Martinaise, pretending to be a hardline leftists much like himself.

Oh, and Evrart also has an identical twin brother, Edgar, who is up to pretty much the same things. They’ve taken turns running the Union. Which is to say: the Claires have been an institution unto themselves. They are both equally obese, wear +6 glasses, and are as ruthless as they come. The only way to distinguish them is the lazy eye - Evrart has amblyopia and his left eye suffers.

Let’s not forget that Evrart’s also just a man, though. He likes his black coffee. He likes fishing. And he’ll work with you, whatever your political leanings, however odd your behaviour – and he’ll do it with his signature smile, tailoring every interaction to your benefit.


Talking with Evrart Claire is required to progress in the investigation towards the lynching of the military contractor. Unless you pass a Challenging (12) Volition passive, the first encounter requires you to sit down in the chair (-1 Health unless you pass a Challenging (12) Pain Threshold passive. It also shows off the impact various skills can have on the conversation.

He will adapt his manner of speaking depending on your alignment and offers one of several ways to get enough money to pay Garte off. The giant novelty cheque is worth 25, but taking it makes you indebted to him. Slightly.

He will also refer to you as Mr Du Bois. Bad vibes surround that name, your true name, oh Nameless One. And twist the knife in your gut about the gun you lost, promising to find it. He's actually telling the truth. However, when he mentions the gun, you need to pass a Composure check (Challenging 12, the iron ass makes it easier by 1). Then he'll stonewall you until you do a little errand for him.

Furthermore, he will also try to play you using a brown folder, promising RCM documents. You can see through his bluff with Drama (Medium 11 check, reading the folders at the Harbour secretariat makes it easier by 1), but will learn that your true name is... Well, your true name.

Either way, the main talk with him is a minefield of Morale damage. Keep some handy.

He also plays part in the following tasks:

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