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EVRART CLAIRE – "Damn right I'm up to something, Harry!" The fist lands on the table again. "I'm gonna make the working man as rich as *Joyce Messier*. That's my job. Just like yours is to keep the peace."

Evrart Claire is a character in Disco Elysium. He is the leader of the Dockworkers' Union and Edgar Claire's twin brother.

Background[ | ]

Born in Martinaise, the twins Evrart and Edgar with Evrart developing Type 2 diabetes as a result of their financial circumstances.[1] He and his brother attended the same school as Easy Leo[2] and were taught History and Human Studies by Gaston Martin.[3] As teens, the twins were rebellious and destructive.[4] Unlike his twin, Evrart has a lazy eye[5] - amblyopia.[6]

The Claire brothers made their name in the city in the '30s,[7] thanks to Edgar's intervention during the Union's foreman elections. The brothers have remained in control of the Union ever since, circumventing term limits by switching out for each other after every election.[8]

Although the brothers are said to be corrupt,[9] they are well-liked by their supporters, particularly Union members,[10] and are generally seen as a positive influence on Martinaise, using their influence to prevent organized crime and build up infrastructure in the district while the Coalition government and the RCM has only neglected them.[11] At the same time, the brothers' opponents tend to see them with nothing but contempt, and they have a habit of silencing their critics (particularly Gary, the Cryptofascist).[12] The brothers have also sought to maintain absolute authority over the district, muscling out potential rivals, such as a tourism company that attempted to rejuvenate the area.[13]

Interactions[ | ]

Talking with Evrart Claire is required to progress in the investigation towards the lynching of the military contractor. Unless you pass a Volition passive (Challenging 12), the first encounter requires you to sit down in the chair, dealing -1 Health unless you pass a Pain Threshold passive (Challenging 12).

He will change his manner of speaking depending on your alignment and offers one of several ways to get enough money to pay Garte off. The giant novelty cheque is worth 25.00, however, accepting it makes you indebted to him and adds a negative modifier to a Red Check later in the conversation.

He will refer to you as "Mr. Du Bois", which can be your first exposure to your real name. He will also taunt you about your lost gun, promising to help find it. He is actually telling the truth. However, when he mentions the gun, you need to pass a Composure check (Challenging 12). Then he will stonewall you until you do an errand for him.

Furthermore, he will also try to bluff about knowing personal details, lying about having acquired RCM documents. You can see through his bluff with Drama (Medium 11), reading the folders at the Harbour secretariat makes it easier by 1, as well as Kim suspecting something.

He also plays a part in each of the following tasks:

Trivia[ | ]

  • Evrart keeps a framed picture of his brother on his desk.
  • Although the Union is a social-democratic organization, there is evidence to suggest that the Claires (particularly Edgar) are more akin to communists, given their revolutionary aims for Revachol.

Gallery[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. EVRART CLAIRE – "Glad you asked. I've got Type 2 diabetes because sugar and fat was all my mother had to give me and my brother Edgar when we were kids."

  2. EASY LEO – "Guys like Mr. Evrart and Mr. Edgar -- his brother -- are real good guys, made Martinaise what it is today... Mr. Evrart and Mr. Edgar and I went to the same school, we did, when we were boys..."

  3. GASTON MARTIN – "Everyone in Martinaise knows the Claire brothers," he says solemnly. "I taught these boys human studies and history in the gymnasium."

  4. EVRART CLAIRE – "Well, you know how it is, Harry. Kids will be kids." He glances at the photo on his desk. "At her age, me and Edgar were getting drunk, sneaking out at night, throwing rocks at motor carriages..."

  5. JOYCE MESSIER – "Yes. Edgar looks *exactly* like his brother, except for that lazy eye. He also *talks* exactly like Evrart does. And when one's term as foreman is up, the other takes over."

  6. ENCYCLOPEDIA – Amblyopia. A childhood condition.

  7. YOU – "When was this?"

    THE DESERTER – "Twenty years ago. Neither of them could *walk* now, could they? They were less fat then."

    LOGIC – That's around the time the Claires came to power.

  8. JOYCE MESSIER – "It's how they circumvent the term limits, you see. With a funny little *switcharoo*. While in office they've embezzled god knows *how* much of their workers' dues."

  9. CALL ME MAÑANA – "By Heavens, why would he not be corrupt? We live in a harsh and disordered world, see. And in this world..."

  10. CALL ME MAÑANA – "... the old man is corrupt for our *benefit* and we know it. Appreciate it, even. He is, personally, not too lavish."

  11. KIM KITSURAGI – "The Union does their share of policing in Martinaise, at least where gangs are concerned," the lieutenant replies instead. "That's why there isn't much organized crime around here."

  12. EVRART CLAIRE – "I don't want them to be scared. I want them to think, 'Wow, I feel so safe. I like Evrart.' I only want weasels to be scared."

  13. KIM KITSURAGI – "They got as far as the street lamps and the statue on that intersection. Then something went sour." He lowers his voice. "I suspect that *something* was Evrart Claire -- the Union leader. He muscled them out. It's how it usually goes around here."