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FALN is an industrial conglomerate whose products range from fashionable sportswear to motor vehicles.

Background[ | ]

FALN pursued several marketing campaigns to depict its clothing products as futuristic and dynamic, capable of unlocking peak physical performance. The brand adopted a profanity-laden slogan meant to appeal to youths.[1][2][3] They advertised in magazines with slogans such as "FALN 'Ultra' -- wear the future!" The design of FALN products is generally sleek and monochrome. Savoir Faire describes their sneakers as a "must-have" for track-and-field stars.[4] Jean Vicquemare, meanwhile, is dismissive of FALN gear, seeing it as befitting of high schoolers.[5]

Cuno claims that FALN Modular track pants are made in Mirova, by "pants scientists."[6] Tommy Le Homme trucks shipments of sporting goods made by FALN, usually to Graad and the Occident, though they have also been reaching Uamrao and L'Iramburde in Iilmaraa as of late. He says that FALN runs "a nice, clean business."[7][8]

Products[ | ]



  • FALN A-Z 'Contemporain', also named 'Tempo'[9][10]
  • FALN A-6[11]

Behind the scenes[ | ]

In a 2016 devblog, FALN is described as being "an industrial conglomerate" who "makes houses, tracksuits and heavy vehicles". It goes on to say that "the houses are terrible, the tracksuits legendary and the vehicles, well, the vehicles are okay I guess."[12]

Gallery[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. ORB – The poster says: GET OUT OF THE WAY -- OR GET FUCKED UP!

    ORB – That's actually a FALN slogan, from an aggressive youth oriented campaign.

  2. COMPOSURE – O glorious Falnier! You wear the full set like a true-born hero. The *ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE* of FALN flows in you.

    YOU – I look so *futuristic*.

    COMPOSURE – You are Next Century personified, the synthetic man!

    COMPOSURE – Go on! The fucking sunset awaits, FALN rider!

  3. COMPOSURE – O glorious Falnier! You wear the full set like a true-born hero. The *ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE* of FALN flows in you.

    YOU – I feel... so *dynamic*.

    COMPOSURE – You are the most *Ultra* of men. Peak performance!

    COMPOSURE – Go on! The fucking sunset awaits, FALN rider!

  4. YOU – Inspect the sneakers.

    FALN SNEAKERS ON A PEDESTAL OF SPEAKERS – A pair of FALN 'Ultras.' The design is impossibly sleek and simple -- a futuristic silhouette with a sleek monochrome colourway, a jet black upper, and a silver-lined midsole.

    SAVOIR FAIRE – Dedicated! Victorious! Sporty! These *FALN* sneakers are a must-have for a track-and-field legend.

    SIILENG – "Those sneakers, mister..." the street vendor intones. "Those sneakers are the latest FALN sneakers. Super-rare, super-fine, super-cool -- only 50 reál!"

    CONCEPTUALIZATION – *FALN "Ultra" -- wear the future!* You remember the slogan from some magazine...

  5. JEAN VICQUEMARE – "What is that, FALN AC? What's with all the *performance gear*? Are you back in high school?"

  6. CUNO – "Pig, these are FALN *Modulars*! Liquid fit, performance crotch, urban survival shit! Made in Mirova... by scientists. *Pants* scientists."

  7. TOMMY LE HOMME – "Hah, no. I'm joking, my man." He grins. "FALN runs a nice, clean business. This haul of cargo is mostly sporting goods. You know, tracksuits and that kinda thing."

    TOMMY LE HOMME – "They usually get shipped to Graad and the Occident. Though we've been making headway in the Iilmaraan market lately."

  8. TOMMY LE HOMME – "Neat -- for carrying large quantities of cargo a long distance. These FALN tracksuits need to find their way to the kids way out in Uamrao and L'Iramburde somehow..."

  9. ABANDONED LORRY – This green FALN A-Z 'Contemporain' is parked in the shadow of the ruins looming overhead. It's seen better days.

  10. INTERFACING – This particular lorry is a FALN A-Z 'Tempo', a model infamous for its irritating design mistake: the slippery-smooth throttles.

  11. ENCYCLOPEDIA – A motor lorry, also called a *camion* on Caillou and neighbouring islands. This one looks roughed up enough to be some sort of a FALN rust-bucket, maybe the A-6?

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