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FELD is a defunct computer engineering company.


FELD started out as a midway electronics outfit in Koeningstein two centuries ago. After an aggressive move to Revachol, FELD became a global player in the emerging personal electronics market of the pre-Revolutionary era.

FELD was involved in the computer engineering business. While Tricentennial was beating them in business machines, the company was rapidly developing a breakthrough technology, a feat of engineering even mid-Current Century giants like Ream, ICN, and ZAMM couldn't achieve: FELD Playback Experiment, a tape-based computer. The device was very elegant, fragile even. One could write directly on the tape using a special chemical solution. The machine would then analyse the handwriting, perform operations and project output onto a white screen. It was a beautiful delicate thing made of black film, folding tape structures.

Unfortunately their moonshot project never made to the market. FELD's move to Revachol backfired. The Revolutionary government liquefied their assets and expropriated those very advanced prototypes. FELD engineers were shot by the revolutionaries and the three prototypes lost during the fires of '07. A fourth prototype is speculated to remain in the mausoleums below Coal City.

By '51 all that remains of the once proud company is Feld Electrical, a small company that makes ink cartridges.