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This article lists the factions found in the world of Elysium.

Political Groups[ | ]

International[ | ]

Revacholian[ | ]

  • Insulindian Citizens Militia: The army of the former Commune of Revachol. Was dissolved by the Coalition, but aspects of it still exist in the RCM.
  • Revachol Citizens Militia: A police force formed in Revachol after the fall of the Revolution. Answers to the Moralintern.
  • Dockworkers' Union: A workers' union that represents the interests of the débardeurs at Martinaise's Terminal B harbour.
  • Fascists: Revacholian nationalists, also known as loyalists or royalists. Tend to be supporters of the old Revacholian Suzerainty, as well as racial supremacists.
  • Ultraliberals: Former supporters of the Revolution turned Moralintern allies. Believe in total deregulation, privatization, and the spectral hand of the market.

Mondial[ | ]

Crime Organizations[ | ]

Revacholian Besmerties[ | ]

  • La Puta Madre: A terrifying gang led by Padre Madre. Controls vast swaths of land in Jamrock's Burnt-Out Quarter, and is known for using cops as peones.
  • SKULLS: A brutal gang, known for killing people without saying a word. Occupy the Burnt-Out Quarter, and have a propensity for brightly-painted, bottom-lit vehicles.
  • Ahura Mazda: A gang known for hanging people completely naked, in order to demean them.
  • Bangers: An informal gang that values honour. Largely composed of Mesque and Saramirizian immigrants who live in Boogie Street or Jamrock's Villalobos.
  • Zemlyaki: A group of gangs composed from the Graadian immigrant community in Revachol. The term "silver bird" is used by them, to refer to someone unflinching.

Companies[ | ]

Revacholian Indotribes[ | ]

  • The Wild Pines Group: A shipping and logistics company, still active in the Zone of Control. Owns the Greater Revachol Industrial Harbour.
  • Coupris MotorCorp: A Revacholian motor company, now owned as a brand by a Vesper holding company.
  • Feld Electrical: A once great electrical company. Was involved in the construction of Martinaise. Now produces ink cartridges.
  • Tricentennial Electrics: A competing indotribe with Feld, both worked in electrics despite having royal monopolies.
  • Villiers & La Salle: A former indotribe, used to produce artillery and ballistics before the Revolution. Now owned by Gottwaldian entrepeneurs.

Doomed Commercial Area[ | ]

  • Crime, Romance, and Biographies of Famous People: A bookstore located in Martinaise. Owned by Plaisance.
  • Andro-Orlando Hair SCA: A defunct hair saloon that would give customers androgynous hairstyles. Unpopular with working class men.
  • ARTEMITEP's Boxing for Young Athletes and Gym: A community boxing club, meant to steer young people away from crime. Failed, and had its funding removed.
  • 24h Window Company: A repair company that claimed to fix broken windows 24 hours a day. Was actually a front for snuff milieu production.
  • Emma's Fashion Atelier: A designer company that made clothes out of chitin. Was shut down after protests from insects' rights activists.
  • Fabron's Taxidermy: A taxidermy workshop. The owner suffered from a severe and debilitating addiction to taxidermy chemicals.
  • Slipstream SCA: A manufacturer of rotor blades, then ski blades. Their CEO ran off with the budget after the project turned out to be a failure.
  • Fortress Accident SCA: A game design company which tried to develop an interisolary radio RPG. Lost all of its data to an entroponetic anomaly.
  • REVACHOL ICE CITY: An ice cream store which comissioned a large ice bear fridge to use as a marketing tool. It was terrifying, and drove customers away.
  • WHIRLING-IN-RAGS: A hostel-cafeteria in Martinaise. Run by Sylvie Malaìika, Gorący Kubek, and Lawrence Garte, though the actual owners are absent.
  • East Delta Pinball: A pinball arcade and workshop which occupied the same building as the Whirling. Its owner, M. Nyflox, had a nondescript but pitiable fate.

Other[ | ]

  • Krenel: A Private Military Contractor from Oranje. Routinely rebrands itself due to the atrocities commited by its soldiers.
  • Fairweather: A Private Military Contractor from Sur-la-Clef. Produces highly advanced armour out of vitreous enamel.
  • Frittte: A Revacholian convenience store chain. Known for its expansive and brutal hired army.
  • Faln: An industrial conglomerate. Produces sportswear, cars, and housing.
  • Saint-Batiste Pharmaceutics: A pharmaceutical company from the city of Saint-Batiste. Known to employ PMCs.
  • Looskap: A highly influential corporate conglomerate. Known for its brutal tactics and massive economic control.
  • Stas-Rajko: A Zsiemsk car manufacturer from Graad. Its vehicles are painted in the colours of the ancient Zygismunt the Great.
  • Carsson T: A prybar manufacturer.
  • Grundstellung RAO: A police flashlight manufacturer.
  • Waalshirm Werkzeuge: A chaincutter manufacturer.
  • Martinaise Realty Associates: A real estate agency that handles Capeside apartments.
  • Abattoir Firm and Ousia: Small imprints that publish books of critical theory.
  • Moriyn: A cargo transport company that operates on the Bay of Revachol.
  • ZAMM: An engineering giant and shipping company.
  • ICN: A company that produces very advanced radiocomputers.
  • Delta Logistics Company: A logistics company that handles truck-based transport.
  • Omicron: A tape recorder manufacturer.
  • East Motor Tract: A partner of one of Wild Pines' subsidiaries. Manages roads and bridges along Jamrock.
  • Cor-de-Leite: A East Revachol-based boat manufacturer.
  • Mauer-Koshlai Mercury Group: A Gottwaldian-Iilmaraan company that specializes in extracting mercury, a valuable and vital element for building radiocomputers.