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Concept art for a full T-500 suit of armor.

Fairweather T-500 ceramic armour is a type of personal armor created by Fairweather, a Sur-la-Clef military contractor. It uses vitreous enamel that fits snugly and redistributes incoming kinetic energy across its countless white plates[1]. The plates are designed to interlock and provide protection without sacrificing mobility, while the lightweight material ensures they can be worn with minimal discomfort. In fact, most pieces can be easily hidden under everyday clothes, with only the barely audible clicking, porcelain-like sounds indicating its presence.[2]

In combat, the armour is practically impenetrable to conventional weapons, making the operator bulletproof. Anyone who tries to take such an opponent head-on is better off trying to take down their foe by shooting parts of them not covered by the armor, rather than trying to defeat the vitreous enamel.[3] Naturally, the suit of armor is prohibitively expensive: Fairweather produces them back on Mundi, in their facilities at Betancourt,[4] and tracks every set through a serial number printed on the armor. They are usually placed beneath the heel and designate the make (Fairweather T-500 / VE) and the particular set's identification number (eg. E50.100.1000). Most purchases are made by private security, such as Krenel (formerly Corps de Pharmacie) and suits remain in use for decades. The one issued to Ellis Kortenaer was manufactured in '42,[4] lost in Revachol in '51, and if recovered, performs just as well as it did when it rolled off the assembly line.

A full set costs about four years' worth of RCM officer's wages, or 22,000.00.


Harrier Du Bois can scavenge the set of armor that belonged to Ellis, gaining invulnerability to firearms - useful during the tribunal - and gathering the cuirass, gauntlets, greaves, and helmet is worth an achievement.


  1. Visual Calculus: "Remember, the vitreous enamel material acts as a kinetic re-distributor. It's meant to stop bullets. Wear it, observe its properties. See if there's a *weakness* in the design."
  2. You: Knock on the boot. The Hanged Man: A small bell-like sound fills the air. Like tapping the side of a porcelain cup.
  3. Fairweather T-500: Remember that weakness you were looking for in the ceramic armour? Like: maybe it can only stop small, fast projectiles, but a large, slow-moving *prybar* would shatter it? Or: if I run an electrical current through it, maybe it will *melt*? Or -- personal favorite -- *frequency something-something, radio weapon*?! None of that would work. You need to shoot the part of the enemy that *doesn't* have Fairweather T-500 on it, because the armour itself is invulnerable. Good news is -- so are the armour pieces on you!
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