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Fat Angus is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Angus is a member of the of the Hardie boys and the Dockworkers' Union. He was involved with staging the hanging of Ellis Kortenaer[3]. He was the one who carried the hanged man’s body to the hanging.[4] His job within the group is to listen to and record intercepted radio communications.[5]

He seems to be friendly with Ruby, and talks with her about radio equipment.[6] He is not very knowledgeable about entroponetic radio equipment.[7] Titus seems to genuinely care for Angus and tries to look out for him.[8] Titus and Eugene also seem to be genuinely impressed by the work Angus does.[9]

He is younger than Titus.[10] He uses an inhaler, though seems not to carry it around all the time.[11] He weighs more than 130 kilograms, and wears size 46 boots. His feet smell strongly enough to be noticeable from a distance even when he has boots on.[12]

Interactions[ | ]

  • Angus is encountered on day 2 at the Whirling-In-Rags Union cafeteria, and is the weakest link in the Hardie chain.
  • He will always die at the tribunal regardless of the player's actions.

References[ | ]

  1. TITUS HARDIE – "I'm getting a bizarre message from Angus's stomach right now. It says... wait, what is it saying, Angie?"

  2. FAT ANGUS – In the middle, heaving and wheezing: big guy, boot size 46, deep marks. Probably carried the victim over. He alone is 130 kilos; add the man in armour and you could easily exceed 220.

  3. FAT ANGUS – "We didn't kill him! We didn't even *hang him*, he was dead when..." He takes a breath, wheezing.

  4. VISUAL CALCULUS – 7) The glowing outline of a standard work boot, no 46. The imprints are *twice* as deep as the others -- the weight exceeds 200 kilograms. Fat-Angus -- carrying something?

  5. YOU – "Which one of you is doing this advanced radio work then?"

    FAT ANGUS – "It's not advanced," the heavy man wheezes. "You're just holed up in a coop all day, writing down what they say. It gets hot as hell in there."

  6. FAT ANGUS – "We were talkin' about radio equipment. She said she's doing Ulan frequencies and a pale-something. I don't know more."

  7. LOGIC – This guy barely understands what he's talking about.

  8. EMPATHY – His 'all muscle' comment wasn't sarcastic. He's genuinely trying to look out for Angus.

  9. TITUS HARDIE – "Don't put yourself down, Angus. It's important work." The chief picks his beer back up -- to offer a silent toast.

    EUGENE – "Yeah, man, you're like a radio genius or something. Those notes are some in depth stuff. Indexes and shit."

  10. TITUS HARDIE – "But Angus..." He gulps. "He was just a stupid kid. Didn't realize the mess he'd gotten into... trusted me... Still, the balls on that kid! Went down fighting for someone else's shit like a fat angry bear."

  11. TITUS HARDIE – "Angie, where's your goddamn inhaler? You sound like you're dying."

  12. FAT ANGUS – Awful smell. His feet stink from all the way over there, despite having boots on.