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Faubourg is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

One of the banlieues of West Revachol, it is the largest ghetto in Revachol and possibly all of Elysium, lying south of Jamrock Quarter.[1] Faubourgers sometimes refer to it as the Fau.[2] While poor, it is not quite as poor as Jamrock.[3] It is divided into eleven RCM districts.[4] The morgue of the Processing department of the RCM is located in Faubourg.[5] Boogie Street passes through Faubourg, running north towards Jamrock. Faubourg kids like to walk the entire length of Boogie Street up to Jamrock in the spring, an activity known as 'the pilgrimage.'[6]

In the previous century, it was the site of the Revachol Fair, where parades were held to honour the suzerain, with carabineers like René Arnoux marching.[7] In the current century, it was the site of the People's Pile, a leftist project begun during the Commune of Revachol's existence to build a particle decay generator, intended to bring affordable electricity to Revachol West.[8] An emergency valve defect resulted a steam-pressure explosion taking out the turbine and the fuel containment vessel, releasing radioactive waste into the River Esperance.[9][10] The cleanup occurred in '46, done by an all-volunteer force called the Emergency Relief Brigade.[11][12]

Acele Berger, Noid, and Andre are all from Faubourg. Bird's Nest Roy lived there during the People's Pile incident.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In the description of the thought The Fifteenth Indotribe, it is spelled "Faubourgh"; however, everywhere else in the game it is spelled without an H.

References[ | ]

  1. KIM KITSURAGI - "Khm..." The lieutenant steps in. "Faubourg -- not *In Faubourg* -- is a massive banlieue south of Jamrock Quarter. It is the largest ghetto in Revachol -- possibly the world."
  2. ACELE - "It was definitely Coal City, because it took us two days to walk back to the Fau. He just wheezed the whole way, we never really asked him why he came with us. Or who he was. I think his name is Germaine..."
  3. MAP WALL - Couron. It's somewhere to live. Not bad. Then there's Jamrock -- it's *bad*. People shouldn't live there, but they do. Then Faubourg -- it's almost *as* bad and much larger. Then Coal City. It's the worst.
  4. JUDIT MINOT - "Jamrock is the largest ghetto in Revachol. Faubourg, technically... but it's divided into *eleven* districts. Jamrock only has us."
  5. KIM KITSURAGI - "Now?" He pockets it. "Now we put him in a body bag and I drive him to Faubourg -- for processing..."
  6. YOU - "What is this pilgrimage you're talking about?"
    ACELE - "It's just something poor Faubourg kids do every spring, to pass the time. We walk the entire length of Boogie Street, up to Jamrock. Or as much as possible."
  7. YOU - "Where was the photo of you two taken?"
    RENÉ ARNOUX - "Revachol Fair of '91 in the Faubourg district." His eyes turn to the sea. "A parade was held to honour Guillaume *Le Lion's* name-day. And the carabineers marched in the place of honour."
  8. ENCYCLOPEDIA - Construction began during the Commune of Revachol. The *people* continued work on it after the Commune fell -- they wanted a cheap source of energy for Revachol West.
  9. ENCYCLOPEDIA - An emergency valve defect resulted in steam pressure blowing the turbine, taking the fuel containment vessel up in the explosion. Both the faulty design and lack of finances contributed to the catastrophe.
  10. YOU - "The People's Pile? What's that?"
    BIRD'S NEST ROY - "A bad idea. Some poor leftists built a particle decay generator in hopes of bringing affordable electricity to under-served communities. It malfunctioned. Radioactive waste everywhere, probably some of it in *you*, too."
    ENCYCLOPEDIA - The People's Pile was a Type U particle decay generator that failed immediately after entering service, releasing radioactive waste into River Esperance.
  11. BIRD'S NEST ROY - "The clean-up happened fifteen years ago. I was young then. Later my second aunt died, left me this shack and the assorted junk in it."
    BIRD'S NEST ROY - "So I came to Martinaise. People told me don't go there, it's a *shit-hole*. I said: people, we just had a *nuclear pile meltdown*. I'm gonna get as far from Faubourg as I can. Still in the same city, but..." He shrugs.
  12. YOU - "Tell me more about this Emergency Relief Brigade you were part of."
    BIRD'S NEST ROY - He points at the white triangle on his orange safety jacket. "We were an all-volunteer force, self-organized. Tried to help fire brigades contain the spill."