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Feld building is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

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The Feld building is a derelict out near Land's End, surrounded by a defunct boardwalk, amusement park, and fish market. All of this was built by FELD, even the boardwalk. Wild Pines built Martinaise proper as a resort for their middle management, FELD built the boardwalk for R&D.

FELD was involved in the computer engineering business. While Tricentennial was beating them in business machines, the company was rapidly developing a breakthrough technology, a feat of engineering even mid-Current Century giants like Ream, ICN, and ZAMM couldn't achieve: FELD Playback Experiment, a tape-based computer. The device was very elegant, fragile even. One could write directly on the tape using a special chemical solution. The machine would then analyse the handwriting, perform operations and project output onto a white screen. It was a beautiful delicate thing made of black film, folding tape structures.

Unfortunately their moonshot project never made to the market. FELD's move to Revachol backfired. The Revolutionary government liquefied their assets and expropriated those very advanced prototypes. The building was gutted and converted into a strongpoint against the expected Coalition landings. The bunker directly below the building was used for propaganda purposes, to manufacture posters and other materials to disseminate Kras Mazov's thought, with an embrasure for fire support.

In '08, after the fall of Martinaise, the derelict boardwalk was used as an execution site, though it's impossible to say who was shot by whom[1]. Since then, it has languished, abandoned, stripped by scavengers of anything of value.

Points of interest[ | ]

  • Trant Heidelstam and his son, Mikael Heidelstam, are found examining the building in front of the giant mural.
  • Around the back, on the boardwalk, is the Working Class Husband's corpse.
  • Opposite the boardwalk is a smaller building, where Visual Calculus can help you reconstruct a scene of a mass execution from Operation Death Blow, when Coalition soldiers murdered suspected communists en masse.

Loot[ | ]


References[ | ]

  1. Harrier Du Bois: "Kim, who was who in this execution?" Kim Kitsuragi: At first the lieutanant doesn't say a word... he just stares at the wall. "I don't know," he says finally. "I don't know who died here, lined up beside that horrible wall. It could have been any of the parties involved in the Revolution."