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Finger pistols

Finger Pistols (9mm) is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

You were promised a gun, that much is certain. This is why you became a cop. Yet here you are, loitering around with idle hands like some sorry-ass loser from the street. Suddenly you're supposed to be solving cases by, what, like, *talking* to people? How are they going to believe that you can protect yourself -- and them -- from savages without a firearm?! This ain't right. You need to think *around* this problem. And you need to snap your fingers at people as you do.

Solution[ | ]

Snap-snap, baby! Turns out, guns aren't that much for *protecting* as they are for *attacking* people. If you want to protect people, really work *for* them, you have to whip out your signature dual 9mm Villiers Finger Pistols. Who needs a real gun anyway? That conversation you just had? It would’ve gone better had you’d snapped those bad boys at ‘em. (NOTE! 9mm dual Finger Pistols do not count for an actual weapon in a gunfight.)

Effects[ | ]

Requires 1h research time

Location[ | ]

  • When you meet Siileng successfully pass a passive composure check (Medium difficulty 5).