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Firearms are lethal weapons that are quite rare in Revachol. The occupying Coalition does not want the citizens armed, who would have thought?



Name Location
Feld building: Carried by Ruby, the Instigator. Only obtainable if she commits suicide.
Feld building: Obtained after earning Evrart Claire's trust, from the old lady at the fish market.


Name Image Type Description
Kiejl A9 Armistice 9mm pistol centrr Single-shot pistol Mass-produced, one of the most common firearms in the world. Kim Kitsuragi's weapon of choice. Can be used by the player to get the Hanged Man down, or to prove a point to Titus Hardie.
Belle-Magrave 4.46 mm rifle
Antique rifle big.png
Bolt-action rifle A Revacholian bolt-action service rifle issued to the Suzerain's troops and used by communards. Chambered in 4.46 mm, with four shots per magazine. Considered unreliable.
Triangong 4-46 4.46 mm rifle
Deserter gun big.png
Semi-automatic rifle A simple semi-automatic rifle from the Hsin-Yao Commune. A poor man's sniper rifle, notable for very manageable recoil. Preferred by communards over the Belle-Magraves.
Ister AR-FA7 rifle no image Anti-tank rifle A hand-held rifle built for taking out vehicles. Classified as a "nock cannon", capable of shooting 6 rounds at once. Carried by Ruud Hoenkloewen.