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GASTON MARTIN – "René, you're a man with a fork in a world of soup. Please... let's just try to enjoy the game, alright?"

Gaston Martin is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

A pétanque player, a lifelong arch-rival of René Arnoux, and a contrarian too, Gaston postures at being part of the union but in reality only has a small role. In their youth René went off to fight for Frissel the First while Gaston stayed behind, a large point of contention and resentment between the two men, the other being their shared on-and-off relationship with Jeanne-Marie, whose attention the men had been fighting for since they were children.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Gaston's primary role is to play foil to the René Arnoux, the opportunist to the fascist. Besides that, you can persuade him to part with his delicious sandwich, by completing a legendary Rhetoric check. The Giant Ham Sandwich is truly a thing to behold. If you fail, you get an epic exchange, where Harry can try to organize a second vigilante group, Épées de la Couronne (Swords of the Crown), divided into Royal Hounds (Rene and Gaston) and Ghost Dogs (Harry and Kim).
  • During your first encounter with René and Gaston, you have the chance to grab their pétanque boule and throw it (Red Hand-Eye Coordination Medium 10 check). Succeeding will cause them some grief - and also unlock the task to replace their lost boule.
  • If you talk to him after the tribunal (or anytime past Day 5, when Arnoux dies) he admits that he loved René despite them constantly being at each others throats and is deeply saddened by his death.

Behind the Scenes[ | ]

  • Gaston's name is a play on the famous Aston Martin luxury car brand.

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References[ | ]

  1. GASTON MARTIN – "Ghost of the past." The old man removes his hat and sea wind ruffles his grey hair. "Everyone in this story is already dead, officer. I don't wanna talk about them."