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Mr. Gaumont is a character mentioned in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Mr. Gaumont is an employee of The Wild Pines Group, working as a negotiator for them, described as being quite fair in his discussions. He was the negotiator assigned to work with the Dockworkers' Union before Joyce Messier took over the position. During previous strikes, Gaumont granted the Union several concessions, including a medical plan and overtime pay.[1] Despite Evrart having worked with Gaumont before, Evrart completely dismissed Gaumont during the most recent strike, making fun of Gaumont's short stature by telling him to "fuck off, midget."[2] Communications between Wild Pines and the Union hit a wall at this point, as Evrart refused to re-establish communications with Gaumont; as such, Gaumont was replaced by Joyce Messier.[3]

References[ | ]

  1. JOYCE MESSIER - "The Union won *significant* concessions -- including overtime pay *and* a medical plan. This time their demands are more... I guess you could say *aggressive*."
  2. YOU - "What happened to this... Gaumont?"
    JOYCE MESSIER - "Mr. Claire told him to, how did he put it?" She pauses to compose herself... "'Fuck off, midget.' Gaumont is short of stature, you see."
    YOU - "*Not* cool."
    JOYCE MESSIER - "Keep in mind, this is a negotiator Mr. Claire has worked with before, and who was more than fair with him and the Union."
  3. JOYCE MESSIER - "I wasn't the original negotiator here. I took over after Mr. Gaumont hit a wall with Mr. Claire, the Union boss. Mr. Claire refused to speak with Gaumont, despite *concessions* he'd granted the Union in prior negotiations."