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Get the whole story from Titus is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[ | ]

Hardie and the boys know the whole story. It'll be difficult to get it out of him. Have you thoroughly inspected the body? Looked around for a witness? Gotten friendly with the Union boss and the company rep? *Really* gotten to Klaasje?

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • You're able to get this task in one of two ways. If you took the Doorgunner Megemix tape from Titus, you'll start this task only after completing the task Doorgunner Megamix. If you didn't take the tape, you'll start it immediately after refusing, alongside the task Question Klaasje about the tape which can be completed during this task.
  • Convince Hardie boys to tell you the whole story.
    • Speak to Titus and try to convince him that he's being manipulated. Just like when you had to prove your authority to him, this rhetoric check has many factors concerning how much you've poked around in his affairs. This is a medium white check. You'll need a 12 total to succeed, and you're free to retry it. Alternatively, if you fail twice you can ask Kim to take over.
      • Mentioning that a witness to the scene described it as a "surreal play" gives +1 to the check
      • Confronting the Hardie Boys with the bullet found in the victim gives +1 to the check
      • Completing the task Open apartment door for Evrart and having Evrart ask the Hardie Boys to cooperate gives +1 to the check
      • Realizing that Klaasje has your skillset compromised and has been suspiciously candid gives +1 to the check
      • Understanding Titus' motivation for the tape gives +2 to the check
      • Pushing Titus on the tape gives -1 to the check
      • Figuring out that Angus can't take pressure gives +1 to the check
  • If you fail the check twice, you can ask Kim to take the wheel after failing the second time - he'll gladly push things along.
    • You will try to bait a confession out of the Hardie Boys. The specifics of what you say don't matter, but when you are given the choice to turn to Angus or Theo, choose Angus. Choosing Theo will cause things to escalate further, bringing the confrontation to an abrupt end.
    • Pressing Angus will make him admit that the Hardie Boys weren't responsible for the death of Ellis Kortenaer. After hearing the truth, you'll be free to ask questions.
    • Once Titus tells you that the hanged man was shot, you'll be able to conclude questioning.
  • Confront Klaasje with the Hardies' story.
    • Return to Klaasje and tell her that the Hardie Boys told you what really happened. This task ends once Klaasje gives her reason for lying to you, although that's just the beginning of the conversation.
    • Klaasje will open up to you about integral facts involving the case, including her perspective of the night of the incident as well as the identity of the eighth Hardy Boy, Ruby.
    • Asking Klaasje about the location of Ruby will reveal that Klaasje doesn't know Ruby's current location, also starting the task Make Titus give up Ruby's location.
    • Asking about Klaasje's identity will reveal that parts of it are fake, and that there is a buoy containing Klaasje's fake passport west of the boardwalk. This starts the task Inspect Klaasje's buoy.
    • Eventually you'll have the option to try and arrest Klaasje. She will offer you more information about Ruby, and afterwards you'll make a decision about whether or not you want to arrest her. Arresting her will result in Kim leaving you for the rest of the day while he takes Klaasje away. Refusing to arrest her will have its pros and cons later in the story.