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Get yourself organised is a task in Disco Elysium: The Final Cut.

Context[ | ]

You can't build communism alone. It's time to join your revolutionary brethren, develop your political consciousness, and put Mazovian theory into practice. But where have all the communists gone?

Walkthrough[ | ]

Prerequisites[ | ]

  • Select lines related to communism. High Rhetoric, Logic & Composure are required if you're not going to save and reload.
  • Opt-in to the Mazovian Socio-Economics thought before night 3. It does not need to be internalized.
  • During the night 3 dream, choose the line “I’m building communism for all. This time we won’t fail ... [Pursue thought.]"
  • Important characters of the quest: Mañana, Cindy the SKULL, a communist student from room 11.

Tasks[ | ]

  • Roam the streets looking for communists. Talk to Cindy The Skull and Mañana.
  • Listen for the password from Mañana -- "Remember Dobreva and Abadanaiz".
  • Attend the communist meeting after 22:00 at the capeside apartments - it's behind Cindy, the previously inaccessible iron bar gate, upstairs outside the western balcony.
  • Use the password to get in. Talk the students into letting you join the book club. Try not to refer to it as a "book club" too much.
  • Keep talking, and pass a white composure check. The more books you've read and board games you've played, the higher a modifier you will get for the check.
  • Read A Brief Look at Infra-Materialism. Reading the entire book is not necessary to complete the quest, but it is necessary to rebuild the matchbox tower.
  • You can come back the next night, as it will likely be 02:00 at that point, or keep going (time will stop moving at that hour).
  • Talk to Steban again and discuss what you've read in the book.
  • Pass a red Rhetoric check to come up with your own ultimate communist question.
  • If you pass the check, Steban will tell you about a poem and you will get the Avowed Inframaterialist achievement.
  • If you've passed a passive Interfacing check while reading the final chapter of the Infra-materialism book (requires at least 4 in Interfacing), there will be an identical passive Interfacing check at the very end of the book discussion, which then unlocks the option to try to rebuild the tower with them. In order to successfully build the tower, you need to have said at least 30 communist lines by that point (you can check that in your journal after completing the Read the watermarks task). If you've said less than 30 communist lines but passed the Interfacing checks, the tower will collapse midway through.

Trivia[ | ]

  • After completing the task, the Horseback Monument will become covered in posters, as well as details for a meeting at a local coffeehouse.

Gallery[ | ]