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Glen is a character in Disco Elysium.


Glen is 36 years old dockworkers who is a part of the Hardie boys. He's Titus Hardie's best friend, and like Titus, he is also a rugby player. As tall and wide as his friend, but with a lushious blonde maine, akin to a viking god. He chews tobacco and spits a lot. Violent, sadistic, and chaotic.

He is a closeted homosexual and acts aggressively towards the subject, as he is shown trying to project the image of a 'macho working-class man'.

Wears the dockworker overalls, but has the top half off and a dirty white tanktop underneath it. Boot size 44.


  • He is encountered on day 2 at the Whirling-In-Rags Union cafeteria.
  • Glen will appear at the tribunal along with the rest of the Hardie Boys. He will always be killed by De Paule.

Behind the scenes[]