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Glen is a character in Disco Elysium.


Glen is 36 years old dockworkers who is a part of the Hardie boys. He's Titus Hardie's best friend, and like Titus, he is also a rugby player. As tall and wide as his friend, but with a lushious blonde maine, akin to a viking god. He chews tobacco and spits a lot. Violent, sadistic, and chaotic.

He is a closeted homosexual and acts aggressively towards the subject, as he is shown trying to project the image of a 'macho working-class man'.

Wears the dockworker overalls, but has the top half off and a dirty white tanktop underneath it. Boot size 44.


  • He is encountered on day 2 at the Whirling-In-Rags Union cafeteria. He's part of the Interrogate the vigilantes and matches the size 44 boot found at the crime scene. He will also let it slip that Ruby, the Instigator, is the eighth Hardie Boy (but not reveal her identity).
  • Glen will appear at the tribunal along with the rest of the Hardie Boys. He will always be killed by De Paule.

Behind the scenes[]