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Grand Couron is a location in Disco Elysium.


A postcard from Grand Couron, dated '37

Just east of Jamrock. Grand Couron is a place of impossible contrasts, an island of riches among the desolation of western Revachol. Much of the recovery in Couron is thanks to the thirties, the boom years. As such, it's one of the nicest districts in Revachol West: Tall and handsome buildings rise from the riverside: steel, iron and yellow limestone, with cloud shadows sliding on the facades.[1] One of its most notable places is the Grand Couron Arena, where, in March '52, Arsane-Luc Edelbrock sends the Samaran heavyweight champion, Kostya Mjasnok Kostunica, to the floor. Not all places of Grand Couron are as well-off. One of these spots is an ill-advised residential area overlooking the Jamrock Quarter, completed by '37. 13-story buildings lined the hillside like sarcophagi, acting like a punctuation mark at the end of the boom years - in '39 the project failed catastrophically, leaving behind an opiate and hepatitis B infested slum.[2]