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The Greater Revachol Industrial Harbour, commonly abbreviated as GRIH is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

On the edge of the Revachol Bay, the GRIH is one of the symbols of the city's enduring economic influence and strategic location. Responsible for handling 8% of global shipping, the GRIH continues to be the pride of The Wild Pines Group, one of the only surviving Revacholian indotribes, and stands in stark contrast to the rest of Revachol West: It's modern, well-maintained, and rich, with mountains of containers containing unspeakable amounts of wealth. What it does have in common with the rest of the city is the anger, simmering among the workers.

Only a small portion of the GRIH is accessible, specifically Terminal B.[1] Precinct 57 is located near the gates of Terminal H.[2]

Points of Interest[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. JOYCE MESSIER – "Before Martinaise was swallowed by the industrial harbour, even before it was part of Revachol -- long before Terminal B was erected here -- the Pines built it as a resort for its Revacholian employees."

  2. SHIVERS – Across the harbour, on the South bank of the River Esperance, the air stands still outside Precinct 57 -- a two story box of duraluminum near the gates to Terminal H.

  3. CRANE CONTROL PANEL – A rusting control panel with several knobs. Two buttons, marked *Marche* and *Arrêt*, are faded with use. It seems to control the large crane above -- a container is attached to its hook block.

    ENCYCLOPEDIA [Easy: Success] – *Marche* -- On. *Arrêt* -- Off.

    YOU – Press *Marche*.

    CRANE CONTROL PANEL – With a loud grind the crane shifts overhead, moving a massive metal container through the air...

    CRANE CONTROL PANEL – ... and with a surprisingly quiet thunk, the crane places the container down.