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Guillaume Bevy is a reporter and former member of the Revachol Citizens Militia, once part of Precinct 41's Major Crimes Unit.[3]

Background[ | ]

Bevy is a popular radio personality in Revachol, featured on Channel 8 and known for his crime reporting, as well as his ability to "ruin cops' days". A biography was written about his life, with the cover picturing Bevy in front of a drug den.[2] At some point, he joined the RCM and became part of its Major Crimes Unit under Harrier Du Bois. Jean Vicquemare describes him as "really good", but Bevy left after he lost faith in Du Bois' ability to lead the unit. Bevy, who has blonde hair and often sports sunglasses, is the basis of Vicquemare's "Man with Sunglasses" costume.[1] Bevy is mentioned when browsing the bookshop and in the final debriefing scene.

References[ | ]

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    YOU – "Yeah, um -- first, who's Guillaume Bevy?"

    JEAN VICQUEMARE – "Oh, that's an interesting story, actually!" He's not smiling. "Guillaume Bevy is a police reporter who joined our team. He was really good. Then he left, because he lost faith in your ability to lead the unit."

    JEAN VICQUEMARE – "Other people have left too. Good, smart people. People we won't get back. Only me and this *really patient* patrol officer are still here. And Trant -- because I'm *forcing* him to stay."

    LOGIC – Is this Guillaume Bevy blond and partial to sunglasses?

    YOU – "Is this Guillaume Bevy blond, with sunglasses? Like you were..."

    JEAN VICQUEMARE – "See -- there!" He wags his finger at you. "He's getting it! I was *impersonating* him. Look at me, I'm G-Bevy. It was going to be funny. But then you really did have brain damage -- so not so much anymore."

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