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Harbour secretariat is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

The office overlooking the entrance to the GRIH Terminal and a bulwark against scabs and Joyce Messier getting to Evrart Claire.

Points of interest[ | ]

  • Getting into the secretariat is a bit of a challenge. There are two basic ways (note that once you get in, you have to go visit Evrart Claire):
    • Dealing with Measurehead, which requires internalizing racism or punching him out.
    • Getting to the roof via Cuno's shack and then passing the Savoir Faire check when you click on the RCM Patrol Cloak hanging on the railing and get the option to jump down to collect it.
  • Either way, the road deeper into the Harbour lies open. Inside the secretariat you can interact with a variety of items, although most only offer flavor descriptions, like the Devy typewriter on the desk, although there's loot to be had (see below).
  • The file cabinet turns out to be open upon closer inspection. Interacting with it allows you to browse through hundreds of files containing logistical data, which brings attention to the materials coming into Revachol from Mundi, Graad, and Iilmaraa, and the same materials being handed over to companies all over Revachol, including La Delta, Couron, Coal City, and Jamrock. You can page through them with Volition (Medium 10). While you won't get any juicy industrial espionage material out of them, you will find Leo's note, which contains a list of tasks and mentions "special" borscht over at the Whirling-in-Rags. This nets 5 XP and allows you to ask Leo about the borscht.
  • Finally, just next to the exit to the next area is a payphone. You can pay 0.10 and try to pass an Interfacing (Challenging 12) check to let your muscle memory dial a random number. If successful, you'll dial 005-49-52-993 and connect to Video Revachol... Passive Empathy and Shivers checks (Medium 10) will give a clue as to the sadness permeating Harry's soul. It's important. Remember it - and the intersection of Voyager and Main.

Loot[ | ]