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Hardcore Aesthetic is a thought in Disco Elysium.



Not only have you internalized the Hard Core Aesthetic, you’ve also *contributed* to it. How harder-core could you possibly become? Low-core people come around you to correct your “typos”: it’s “Hardcore” here, “hard-core” there, “Hardorcore” in a third instant -- what’s going on? Those aren’t typos, man, that’s how core hardness works. If you don’t know “hard-core” from “Our Happy Hardcore,” what the fuck are we even talking about?


Oh yes. Drugs. We’re talking about drugs. Let’s face it, these flirtations with the Hard Core Aesthetic have all been leading up to one question: Can I do drugs *harder* now that I’m a Hard Cop? And the answer is: yes. You can. You can do one more blast of pyrholidon and yellow shit-powder, you can even pull a ciggie and a lager on top of that. There. You’ve *truly* made the Hardcore your own thing now.


Requires research time: 1h 50m
  • Research
    • -2 Interfacing: Fuck grammar!
  • Completion
    • +1 Volition: Same thing, Hardman
    • +1 Endurance: Really useful for doing drugs


  • Talk to Noid in the church about what "True Life" would be like, and pass a Conceptualization check.