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Hardcore Mode is an additional difficulty mode added to Disco Elysium in January of 2020.[1] The mode can be enabled manually in the options menu.

Effects[ | ]

The exact effects of hardcore mode are as follows:[2]

  • The difficulty of all white skill checks is increased by 1
  • The purchase cost of healing items (Nosaphed, Drouamine, Magnesium, and Hypnogamma) is doubled
  • The purchase cost of drugs is doubled, and each drug item only has 2 charges
  • The amount of reál found in containers is reduced by 15%
  • Every completed task awards an additional 5 XP

Notes[ | ]

  • Hardcore mode must be active in order to gain the Venture into the HARDCORE and True Detective achievements.
  • Upon completion of a hardcore playthrough Kim Kitsuragi will wear a black jacket once a new game is started. This will net the Get Kim to Wear The Jacket achievement.
  • Upon enabling, Egg Head can be heard shouting, "HARDCORE!". The main menu's theme will be replaced with anodic dance music whenever a Hardcore file is loaded or when the mode is first enabled.

References[ | ]