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You are a violent and irrepressible miracle. The vacuum of cosmos and the stars burning in it are afraid of you. Given enough time you would wipe us all out and replace us with nothing -- just by accident.

Harrier "Harry" Du Bois is the main and sole player-controlled character of Disco Elysium.


Harrier Du Bois was born in ‘07, the last year of the Commune of Revachol, before the Coalition's attack, at a time when the Antecentennial Revolution was still going strong. He was born in Revachol's Old Military Hospital during a snowstorm,[1] on the ground floor where "people usually came to die".[2] As a child, he suffered a bout of partial infantile paralysis caused by polio, and though he would for the most part physically recover from this condition, it permanently gave him a slight twinge in his jaw that causes him to pronounce certain words in a notably awkward manner.[3]

In his adolescence, Harry was a member of a eight-man street-gang of delinquents from Faubourgh and North Jamrock calling themselves The Fifteenth Indotribe. Harry grew up to have his twenties largely coincide with the time period fondly remembered as "The New", a time trigged by an economic upswing in both the Coalition of Nations and Revachol and marked by unbridled optimism, gaudy and over-the-top fashion crazes in clothes and interior decoration, and excess and opulence. Though arguably most important of all inventions at the time, was the advent and commercial breakthrough of the music genre of "Disco", of which Harry himself became a fan, especially of the local Disco superstar Guillaume le Million, whose stage persona and mannerisms he would often try to emulate.

By the events in-game, the year '51, he is 44 years old.[1] In-game, Harry may pick of the pseudonyms Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau, by failing to come up with a convincing name when first meeting Kim Kitsuragi, and "Tequila Sunset," a nickname he had before Martinaise.[4] He can also refer to himself as "Firewalker", adopting it while calling Precinct 41 from Kim's radio,[5] as well as "The Icebreaker", if he internalizes fascist ideology.

Harry was once a gym teacher in Grand-Couron,[6] located in Jamrock. Kitsuragi and Cuno point to this when explaining why Harry had little to no knowledge of homo-sexuality,[7] why he has a tendency to run from place to place rather than walk,[8] and his affinity for FALN brand athletic wear,[9] among other strange character quirks.[10] At some point he met his future fiancée, Dora Ingerlund, who inspired him to join the Revachol Citizens Militia at the age of 26. Over 18 years of service[11] he solved 216 cases[12] and racked up 3 kills,[13] an extremely low number for a member of Precinct 41.[14] His statistics put him at the top of the RCM's ranks both in terms of effectiveness (simply clearing 10 cases a year is enough to put a policeman in the 90th percentile)[15] and humanism (too many RCM officers enjoy shooting people). His exploits earned him the title of lieutenant double-yefreitor[16] and the position as head of the Major Crimes Unit at Precinct 41.

Harry's mental state began to deteriorate in '45, six years before in-game events, when Dora abandoned him and moved to Mirova in Graad,[17] citing Harry's self-destructive, impulsive behavior. Overwhelmed by depression from heartbreak, Harry attempted to cheer himself up through an impulse purchase of a particularly garish tie that reminded him of the Disco fashion of his youth.[18] However, Harry gradually started to project a hyperactive and self-destructive personality onto the tie, that compelled him to dress in increasingly tacky clothes,[19] and forget his problems through drinking, substance abuse and other forms of "partying".[20] Since then, Harry's leadership of the Major Crimes Unit became increasingly erratic and the unit suffered accordingly. Many officers left, including their reporter Guillaume Bevy.[21] By '51, only Harry, his partner Jean Vicquemare, Trant Heidelstam, and Judit Minot remained.

During this time, Harry's weekly case load increased dramatically, taking on two complex cases every week, an amount which takes a lot out of the individual.[22] During one of these cases, titled "THE UNSOLVABLE CASE",[23] Harry had a suspect try to damage his Ledger. In response, the drunk Harry struck the man with the ledger across the face,[24] then beat him to the ground and, while crying,[25] broke the suspect's kneecaps with it, rendering him permanently unable to walk.[26] Though Harry was considered for a disciplinary hearing after this incident, he managed to avoid it as the case had ultimately been solved.[27]

Directly preceding the in-game events, Harry and the Major Crimes Unit were called to Martinaise to investigate a report of a hanging. When they arrived, Harry drove off the rest of the unit, screaming at them to "fuck off" because they were "cramping [his] style. He was the "Detective God." The rest of his tirade were variations on "Fuck everything. All will burn. Detect or die!".[28] He then went on a several-day suicidal bender across the district. He harassed the patrons at the Whirling-in-Rags, waving his gun in their faces and making graphic suicide jokes.[29] He trashed his room and broke the Whirling's taxidermy skua, finally driving the waitress Sylvie Malaìika to resign on the spot just to escape him.[30] He sold his gun to Bird's Nest Roy,[31] wrecked his Coupris 40,[32] and on the final night before he lost his memory, he could be heard in his room at the Whirling screaming "I DON'T WANT TO BE THIS KIND OF ANIMAL ANYMORE"[33] while listening to The Smallest Church in Saint-Saens on loop.[34]

It's a mystery what happened to cause Harry's amnesia. Serious drinking has caused episodes like this before,[35] but it also might've been a coping mechanism[36] or a side effect of pale exposure from the two-millimeter hole in the church.[37] Joyce Messier theorizes that Harry was affected with a serious case of encephalopathy.[38] Jean thinks it's all just an act.[39]


Harry's Rank in the RCM is "Lieutenant Double-Yefreitor".[40] According to Kim Kitsuragi, the Lieutenant is a rank above Sergeant and below Captain. It's the highest rank in the RCM that still does field work. The title of "X-Yefreitor" is added to an officer's rank every time they decline a promotion to a higher rank -- the rank of Captain, in Harry's case.[41] There are many reasons why one might refuse to be promoted. sometimes promoted officers do not want to replace their superiors, and, most likely for Harry, they prefer the type of police work available to their current rank.[42]


  • Prior to the events of the game, Harry was shot at four times and hit twice.[43]
  • The "Yefreitor" portion of Harry's rank is likely taken from the real-world Soviet military rank Yefreytor (Ефрейтор, from the German Gefreiter), which was the highest enlisted rank in the Soviet armed forces.


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Harry's self-referenced alternate name that he may name himself added.

  1. ↑ Others officers often used pseudonyms to mock him: Dick Mullen, Supercop, Captain Sober, etc.


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