Help Soona with her project

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Help Soona with her project is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[edit | edit source]

Soona will cooperate with the ravers' nightclub plan... if you help her out with the research project first. Find the filament memory with an off-site copy from her old workplace and bring it back to her, then wait for further instructions. If you run into any problems you can always ask for Soona's help.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This is a task that requires quite a bit of backtracking. Once you encounter Soona Luukanen-Kilde at the Church and volunteer to help her finish the research project that started with her work at Fortress Accident. The first step is recovering the off-site copy at the Doomed Commercial Area. It's located inside the frozen-over ice cream maker in the basement (you can find the note pointing to it at the giant ice bear fridge).
    • Description: Doomed cellar, a pistachio green ice cream maker next to the breaker box with a radio computer's filament memory inside. Difficulty: heroic, turns into easy if you've read the note from the Ice Bear Fridge.
  • However, to open it, you require the right tool and strength. Soona can provide the Kvalsund KR+2 Multi-Tool, which makes it possible to open the fridge, while a Physical Instrument check is required to actually open it. Trying to open it without the proper prybar nets a +20 modifier. Unplugging the ice maker first and allowing it to thaw a bit is recommended first (-2).
  • Once you have the Off-Site Copy Filament Memory in tow, return to Soona and give it to her. The next stop, once the ravers move into the church, is continuing the experiment.
  • The first step is adjusting the water bowls to the right position. This is a simple task that requires following Soona's directions. Once you do that, report back to Soona.
  • You will need to talk to Egg Head and tell him that Soona needs him to plug a 3.5 cable into the auxiliary input, so that she can route the audio signal through the mixer into the speakers. See Solve the Egg Head puzzle for details.
  • Then it's a matter of attending the test and finding the anomaly... Which promptly almost causes the church to collapse.