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Help ravers start a nightclub is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[ | ]

The ravers asked you to help turn the church into a dance club, but there are already some people inside. Find out who those people are and what they want.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • Before setting up the club, you can find out something is wrong (difficult Logic check). There are many modifiers for those with a keen eye and relevant knowledge:
    • If you're convinced you're the Smart Cop, you'll suffer a penalty for your pride (-2).
    • If you ask Soona about the ravers, she'll tell you something's amiss (+1 bonus).
    • Looking around the tent will reveal there are ingredients related to drugs in there (Perception, possible Encyclopedia checks)
    • Check on Acele. You can figure out she's high on something with appropriate skills Template:Verification needed
  • Ask Soona how she feels about the night club idea.
  • Convince Soona to cooperate with the ravers, or evict her.
  • Look into the spooks in the church.
  • Report back to Andre that they can move in.
  • Tell Andre about Soona's thoughts on the nightclub.
  • Visit the nightclub after ravers have moved in.