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HJELMDALLERMANN: THE MAN FROM HJELMDALL – This book makes a mockery of the very idea of good plotting, though something tells you coherence was never the point.

Book Hjelmdallermann: The Man from Hjelmdall is an item in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

A classic! On the frontispiece an anatomically unrealistic muscleman is reaching into a mountain stream, yearning to touch his glimmering mirror image. His eyes are full of childlike wonder. On the blood-soaked snow right next to him lie two *giant* zweihänders.

Background[ | ]

This is an installment in the Man from Hjelmdall series. It has been adapted from three earlier installments in the series, Man from Hjelmdall and the Necromancer's Treasure, Man from Hjelmdall: Lord of Wrôthgär, and Man from Hjelmdall: The Curse of Nachtherrer in an attempt to milk money out of fans of the series.

The "plot" involves the Man from Hjelmdall and his blood brother Tyrbald killing many wights and then the necromancer who created them, then riding narratively convenient griffins to the lands of Lord Wrôthgär. Wrôthgär asks them to destroy the Nachtherrer, a subterranean clan of blind wizards who traded their souls for power. The Hjelmdellerman agrees in exchange for land for the "homeless desert-pygmies" and travels to the Nachtherrer's great hall, where they are disemboweling a human sacrifice. The Nachtherrer summon a horde of orkenoids, which the Hjelmdellerman and Tyrbald cut their way through before confronting the wizards themselves. The book ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the reader unsure what the Hjelmdellerman does next (though he probably brutally slaughters the wizards).

Uses[ | ]

  • Can be used to pass the time.
  • Can be given to Cuno in order to make peace, provided you don't antagonize him about liking books.