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Homosexual underground

Homo-Sexual Underground is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

You see mysterious strangers in the night. Leaning against unlit doorways, engaged in hushed conversation. A shadowy cabal exchanging looks, whispering in dark alleys and unmarked locales. A radical cell conspiring against the state -- and perhaps even against man and woman. Was that a secret handshake? What’s going on? Who are these secretive people? How will they accomplish their sinister and world-altering goals? And most importantly -- are you *one* of them? You could be. Maybe you forgot...

Solution[ | ]

Maybe you should *stop* obsessing about your own -- and other people's -- sexuality? Feels like it’s about time to do that. You’ve thought about this for *eight hours*?! Not only should you stop, you should tell Kim you've stopped obsessing about other people's sexuality too. I'm sure he'd appreciate it. Unless you already got him killed because you were obsessing about your sexuality. (There’s no way of telling from within your brain, but for your own sake: please say you didn’t.)

Effects[ | ]

Requires 8h research time

  • Research:
    • None
  • Completion:
    • Stopped obsessing about sexuality

Completing this thought allows you to discuss sexuality with Kim.

Location[ | ]

  • Pass the Composure check when speaking with the Smoker on the Balcony in the Whirling-in-Rags, and ask him if he's a part of the underground movement.