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The Horrific Necktie is a clothing item in Disco Elysium.


The necktie is adorned with a garish pattern. It's disturbingly vivid. Somehow you feel as if it would be wrong to ever take it off. It's your friend now. You will betray it if you change it for some boring scarf.


If an easy Inland Empire passive check is passed while talking to Garte, the tie will be granted a voice of its own, effectively adding a 25th passive skill voice and offering new choices in certain situations.

INLAND EMPIRE [Easy: Success] – No one is saying the multi-patterned necktie you found tied to the ceiling fan can *talk*. No one. It must be merely *imagination*, but...

HORRIFIC NECKTIE – Let's bail! Time to push the EJECT button. Sounds like a *responsibility*. You don't like those.


  • A reproduction of the horrific necktie is available to buy on the Disco Elysium online store.
  • If the Spirit is eternal quest is completed, it will briefly be renamed to "Beautiful Necktie", and it is revealed that its official name is Joopson AS Men's Fashion, model "Colourful Tie." Catalogue no. J327.