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The Antecentennial Revolution failed. Money still rules the world. You do not have a choice in this matter, and no matter how angrily you scream to the high heavens, you will still have to pony money up to pay for everything in the desolate wasteland of Revachol West.

What money's needed for[]

  • Everything. You'll need 20 every night for the room at the Whirling-in-Rags, after paying for damages.
  • Some interactions require a couple of centims, at least, to be successful.
  • Oh, and buying stuff. Books. Clothes. Accessories. Drugs.

How to obtain money[]

  • The largest sum of money you're likely to obtain is to pay for damages ( 130 before applying modifiers). You can obtain such a vast sum from Joyce Messier or Evrart and Edgar Claires (disguised as an innocuous contribution), or if push comes to shove, from Kim Kitsuragi: If you do not have the money, he'll eventually offer to pawn his spinners.
    • To maximize income - to hustle, as the ultraliberals say - obtain the money before talking the price down with Garte. Of course, that's gaming the system just a little bit.
  • Secondly, you can pawn off items at Bird's Nest Roy's pawnshop. The price varies, but you can hand off virtually anything. Several items (postcards, primarily) exist just to be pawned off at Roy's, so search every container.
  • Thirdly, there's the Way of the Hobocop: Tare. Obtain the coveted holy container, put it in your hand, then prowl the streets of Martinaise like a vengeful spirit, seeking out empty bottles and cans to turn in at the Frittte kiosk's tare machine, at 0.10 per. With the Hobocop thought, you'll also gain access to special edition tare bottles, worth 10x as much!
  • Finally, there is passive income, gained from *internalizing* the right thoughts: