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Icosahedral Dice Set Sirens is an item in Disco Elysium.


These two 20-sided dice have the colours of a police alarm -- bloodstone for red and lapis lazuli for blue. If you roll them and squint your eyes it looks like you're arriving on the scene. And it's raining. NOTE! Look at the MAP tab in Journal to see which White Checks have opened.


  • Reopens white checks:
    • Reduces the difficulty of deciphering case files in the ledger by 2.
    • Reduces the difficulty of finding the key to the blue door in the union box window at the Whirling-in-Rags by 1.
    • Reduces the difficulty of gaining information from the Racist Lorry Driver about the "Lady Driver" by 1.
    • Reduces the difficulty of opening the shipping container with the Mega Rich Light-Bending Guy by 1.
    • Reduces the difficulty of understanding how Lilienne's Twins heard radio in their heads by 1.