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Idiot Doom Spiral is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

His birth name is George, but is known among his drinking buddies Rosemary, Don't Call Abigail, and recently Harry Du Bois as Idiot Doom Spiral.

George was once a "founder slash junior partner" at a high-concept creative services agency named The Boom Boom Room. After securing a contract with an insurance firm, he financed Thin Air, a cultural incubator. He took on a leadership role supervising twenty-two full-time employees, which caused him a great deal of stress.

In order to relax, George picked up the hobby of jogging. One day, in order to stop his keys from ringing while he jogged, he took his keys off his keyring and put the keys to the front gate and apartment door in separate pockets. When he returned home he realized he had taken the wrong keys and locked himself out of his home. The key he did have, the one to his office, no longer worked because the producers had changed the locks.

As George explains it, after that moment his life spiralled out of control because he never got back into his apartment, his girlfriend left him because he was homeless, he lost his job, and he was arrested and jailed for two days because he didn't have an ID.

Logic and Electrochemistry both conclude George's situation may have been actually caused by a neurological problem at the end of Find Idiot Doom Spiral's jacket when he demonstrates issues with his short and long term memory.

Interactions[ | ]

  • During the conversation about George's agency, you can ask him about his tracksuit. He says it's "100% Lickra(TM)." Touching it deals -1 Morale damage, because it feels disgusting, like a jellyfish.
  • George will tell you that he stole a cool jacket and then lost it, giving you the quest Find Idiot Doom Spiral's jacket. You can find it draped over the chain-link fence on the boardwalk. He will refuse to accept it until it's clean, so take it to the Washerwoman who can clean it in half an hour. Doing so nets you the FALN "Faln" Windbreaker. It's yours to keep because when you bring it back to George, he doesn't remember the jacket at all, or asking you to find it.
  • You can trade booze (which can be easily purchased from Rosemary nearby) with George for stories. The first story is how he came to be known as Idiot Doom Spiral, the second is the Headless FALN Rider, and the third is the Lost Cocaine Skull.