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Indirect Modes of Taxation is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

First, if you have a side-bitch ideology cooking somewhere, don't sweat it. Fightin' indirect taxation for the Gossamer State is compatible with *all* creeds. It's cool like that. You're a cool anarchist now. Unless you don't want to be an anarchist. Whatever! Stuff this meal ticket in your eye-socket and let's see if we can steal some *love* back from the robber barons at the customs agency and the *banditos* at The Insulindian Financial Oversight and Competition Committee.

Solution[ | ]

Turns out those Financial Oversight Committee gangsters stuffed millions of hard-earned dividends away in the last place anyone thought to look: the hearts and minds of everyday Revacholians! You need to spread that deregulation gospel to the *people*. Tell them about that foreign fare tax. Preach that 98% gross burden. Preach it, preacher man! Set the brothas free. Taxes are racist.

Effects[ | ]

Requires 1h 45m research time

  • Research:
  • Completion
    • -1 Empathy: Thinks he's a hustler or something
    • Ultraliberal dialogue options give +1 reál

Location[ | ]

  • Pick up shoes in the Apartment block and wear them, Accept Bribes from Joyce and Evrart, Support Capitalist Ideals, basically any choice that supports just you making money. Your subconscious will contact you.