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Inspect victim's body is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[ | ]

Inspect the body hanging in the back yard of the Whirling-in-Rags. This is a preliminary inspection, Harry needs to suppress the urge to throw up and approach it.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • The first stage of the investigation is getting a general look at the crime scene and inspecting the body.
Crime Scene
  • First, Harry can interact with the traces on the ground. Passing a Visual Calculus check (Medium 11) will allow you to estimate the amount of footprints in the mud: There were eight pairs: Four pairs of standard work boots with steel reinforced toes in 44, 44, 46, and 45-46 sizes, a hobnailed work boot with toes size 43, a work boot in 41 with a strangely light, even pace, a work boot in 46 and with an imprint indicating 200 kilograms of live weight, and finally, an aberrant track of a standard work boot with a more worn right sole.
  • Lieutenant Kitsuragi will make notes. Harry can antagonize him for no benefit, or continue taking the footprints down. Harry can point out the odd traces, and Kitsuragi (and Harry's Logic) will point out when mentioning the 200 kg tracks that it was likely the victim was carried to the place of execution - raising the question as to why. Once Harry are done inspecting the scene, he will generally establish a working theory of what happened.
  • But with high Volition (passive check Medium 10) he will realize that it's convenient, as if someone was whispering suggestions into his ear. If he express reservations, the Horrific Necktie around his neck will speak up.
Dealing with the Body
  • When Harry approach the decomposing body, he gets an object lesson in why dealing with corpses is unpleasant, especially when they've been hanging in a tree for a week. To actually get close enough to inspect it, he need to deal with the smell of an ungodly rot. He'll need to pass a Legendary Endurance check (14 in total). There are a few possible bonuses to help him pass this check:
  • Once Harry has gotten himself together, he will do a preliminary inspection of the victim. he'll be working with Kim to get the various features of the body, including:
    • His size, height, and personal features.
    • His tattoos. Kim will take a photo of them that he can show to others while he tries to discover the tattoo's meaning.
    • His boots, which turn out to be a part of a set of Fairweather T-500 ceramic armour. Inspecting them allows him to learn about kinetic re-distributors, the make, and find the serial number - Conceptualization helps. This allows him to run the number on the victim's armour and find out the victim's identity. It also begins the task to collect all the pieces of armor. he must try to pull boots off when Kim is around to trigger the latter quest.
    • The belt he was hanged with. Passing a medium passive Electrochemistry check will reveal that he was hanged with a VERMILLION reinforced cargo lashing belt used for airship transportation. You can reveal that to Kim, and he will point out that six-rotors are used for shuffling containers at the docks.Harry can also find it out with enough Encyclopedia.
    • Looking into his eye allows for attempt a Medium Inland Empire check. Succeeding will begin a conversation with the dead man in which you can learn more about him and how he died.
  • Once Harry is done with the preliminary findings, he can work on getting the body down from the tree. This will also make Kim reveal the "Cop off" he talked about if Harry asked him why they were sent by different precincts to solve the case.