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The Insulindian Citizens Militia, or ICM, is the former army of the Commune of Revachol.

Overview[ | ]

The Insulindian Citizens Militia, also known as the Black and White Army of the Revolution,[1] was established during the Commune of Revachol and was eventually crushed by the Coalition.[2][3]

Julia Dobreva and Jean Abadanaiz, known as the "Revolutionary Lovers," served as the Dual Commissars of Revolution on the Insulindian front[4] and are implied to have been the leaders of the ICM. They pioneered the dual-leadership system, or décomptage system, used within the Revachol Citizens Militia to this day.[5][6][7]

It is implied that most of the ICM did not keep a uniform.[8] However, revolutionary air brigade pilots wore orange bomber jackets.[9] One is worn by Kim Kitsuragi.[10] Revolutionary airmen (the mechanics and engineers) wore similar black bomber jackets.[11]

References[ | ]

  1. YOU - "Kim, what is the *ICM*?"
    KIM KITSURAGI - "Insulindian Citizens Militia. It's the official name of the communards' army. The Black and White Army of the Revolution."
    ENCYCLOPEDIA - Sounds an awful lot like...
    YOU - "RCM... It sounds like RCM -- Revachol Citizens Militia."
    KIM KITSURAGI - "It does."
    YOU - "Why?"
    KIM KITSURAGI - "The RCM *may* descend from the ICM."
  2. YOU - "Where did it spread from there?"
    JOYCE MESSIER - "From Revachol and Graad? Not far. The world managed to cauterize itself. Mazov's government was overthrown in '08, and the Coaltion crushed the Revachol commune two years later. It was *The End*."
  3. THE DESERTER - "May the 13th, '08, 22 years ago," he looks north. "The horizon was black with Coalition airships. Their petroleum rose to the sky and it looked like... like it *formed* the clouds. Storm clouds. When they started shelling it was... dark magic."
  4. ENCYCLOPEDIA - Wow, this one's a deep cut. Julia Dobreva and Jean Abadanaiz, popularly known as the 'Revolutionary Lovers', served as Dual Commissars of Revolution on the Insulindian front during the Antecentennial Revolution. their forbidden love, as well as their disappearance during the final collapse of the Revacholian commune only contributed to their mystique...
    ENCYCLOPEDIA - Their remains were discovered on a beach in Ozonne in '35. Subsequent forensic analysis suggested suicide by poison.
  5. YOU - "What's a 'décomptage'?"
    KIM KITSURAGI - "Décomptage is the hierarchical system employed by the Revachol Citizens Militia. It means counting down to twos."
    ENCYCLOPEDIA - The countdown is modelled after the dual-leadership system employed by the left during the Revolution. Which in turn was developed by last century experimental psychologists in the University of Koenigstein.
  6. STEBAN, THE STUDENT COMMUNIST - "Julia Dobreva came from Graad. Jean Abadanaiz was born in Revachol. She was brilliant, charismatic, a revolutionary comet. He was her partner and stabiliser, the planet who kept her in orbit."
    ENCYCLOPEDIA - It's too bad they wound up equally dead on some nameless island in Ozonne...
    STEBAN, THE STUDENT COMMUNIST - "It's from them we get the notion of dual-leadership, the *décomptage*, Revachol's truly great contribution to revolutionary thought. I believe it even persists in some form in the RCM, even to this day."
  7. YOU - "Where does the RCM fit into all of this?"
    COALITION WARSHIP ARCHER - "The RCM exists under the umbrella of the Coalition, just as the Coalition exists under the umbrella of the Moralintern..."
    COALITION WARSHIP ARCHER - "At the same time, the RCM is not exactly *of* the Coalition."
    YOU - "You mean because of the décomptage?"
    COALITION WARSHIP ARCHER - We're not that familiar with RCM lore and practice, but we believe that may be the case. As we recall, the décomptage originated with the Revacholian Commune itself."
  8. KNICK-KNACKS STAND - This set of soldiers isn't meant to look impressive. A few have rifles, but most of them carry pistols -- some even shovels and tall sticks. YOU - (Point at the figurines in rags.) "Are these even soldiers?"
    BIRD'S NEST ROY - "You're probably talking about the revolutionaries, yes?" the man behind the glass answers. "Yes -- they are soldiers. Revolutionary soldiers."
    BIRD'S NEST ROY - "I think their poverty has been exaggerated for effect. When you place them next the royalists, it doesn't seem like they could possibly win."
  9. (ZA/UM Atelier) Kim Kitsuragi's orange pilot jacket, modeled after those worn by air brigades during the Revolution. Most of those brigades were ripped to shreds or burnt to cinders above the city of Revachol, the larger island it sits upon, or the ocean that surrounds it. Pilots used the inner pockets of their jackets to store logbooks and tool kits. Kim honours this function by using one of the pockets to carry his trusty notebook, where it lies close to his heart. It’s a sentimentality, but Kim feels centred when wearing this jacket. He leaves it on when he sits down for Volta.
  10. YOU - "Kim, you're wearing a revolutionary air brigade jacket, aren't you?"
  11. (ZA/UM Atelier) Kim Kitsuragi’s black airman's jacket. Originally worn by mechanics and engineers during the Revolution, most of whom went down with the aerostatics they served on. Its bulky silhouette and durable materials provide resistance to bangers and the weather alike. The black reminds Kim of Seol, though he’s never been there. For special occasions only.