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Insulindian Phasmid is a character in Disco Elysium.


The Insulindian Phasmid is a large cryptid who lurks in the reeds on the sea fortress island. It posesses amazing mimicry-camouflage skills and disguises itself within the plant matter amidst the reeds. The Phasmid seems to posess not only mystical phasmic powers, but even psychic ones. The enormous Phasmid is the focal point of interest to the Cryptozoologist Morell, as well as his wife, Lena, who has previously shared first-hand-account sightings of the creature.


  • The Phasmid appears after confronting Iosef Lilianovich Dros at the Sea Fortress, and reveals itself to be the reason behind his animation and murder. It communicates with Harry upon touching it, and will reveal quite a bit about the world and its fate. If Kim Kitsuragi survived the tribunal and is in the party, he can take a photograph documenting its existence. Otherwise, it's Cuno, who will offer comments, but be an unreliable witness.

Behind the scenes[]