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Interrogate the vigilantes is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[ | ]

You need to interrogate the men in the Union booth, find out what they know about the hanging in Martinaise.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • Approach the occupants of the Union box. Elizabeth will pull you into a conversation before you get the chance to start the interrogation, revealing that she is the group's legal counsel and giving you the opportunity to learn about herself and the nature of her presence and the role of the dock workers she represents.
  • After finishing your conversation, talk to Titus Hardie, the man standing in the middle of the Union box, and you will officially start this task.
  • During this conversation it's advised to not show weakness to Titus, as it will effect future checks. Proceed through the conversation with confidence, using any evidence you've discovered thus far. Pause at the beginning and keep your chin up. The goal in this first conversation is to find a crack in this group's defense. Eventually, all seven will come forward and admit that they hanged the guy in the backyard, diluting the responsibility and making an arrest impossible.
  • When discussing the details of the hanging, and after performing the field autopsy, you can point out the discrepancy in the story: They hanged him, but there are no ligature marks or signs of struggle, even the merc's hands were tied. You can press the matter and make it easier with a Red Composure Check ( Challenging 12). Pointing out the untied hands makes the check easier and will push more information out of them.
  • It's impossible to make a breakthrough at this point, and trying to make an arrest even after Titus confesses will not end well for you or your partner. You get one chance to back out after trying to arrest him, when Titus reaches under his shirt and reveals the hand cannon he carries. A self-deprecating joke works best.
  • Once you conclude the questioning the task will be completed.