Interview the Union boss

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Interview the Union boss is a secret task in Disco Elysium.

Context[edit | edit source]

Enter the harbour and seek an audience with the local Debardeur's Union leader, Evrart Claire—you need to ask him about the murder in his District.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Simple enough. Once you gain entrance to the Harbour area either by dealing with Measurehead, thievery at the Whirling-in-Rags or some acrobatics off the secretariat's roof, you can reach Evrart in his container to the northeast.
  • Dealing with Evrart is a major part of the investigation. It is a minefield of Morale damage, so better bring some healing material along or save beforehand. The first test requires you to sit down - he'll stonewall you otherwise - and passing a Challenging (12) Pain Threshold check.
  • He'll then offer you the Giant Novelty Cheque worth 25 to help with paying Garte off. However, before you can get into the interview material, he'll mention your lost gun, which will trigger a panic attack unless you pass a Composure check (Challenging 12, the iron ass makes it easier by 1).
  • And then he'll ask you to open a door in exchange for his information on the lynching, completing this (secret) task.