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Jamrock is a district of Revachol West comprised of the following quarters: Martinaise, Pox, Villalobos, Central Jamrock, Grand Couron, Old South and the Valley of the Dogs. A great district, filled with a chessboard of wooden houses, 80.000 living souls. Firetraps as far as the eye can see -- from Main Street to Grand Couron, from Precinct 41 to Boogie Street forking into the distant horizon.

Before the Revolution Martinaise was one of the greatest districts in Revachol, benefiting from Wild Pines investment and presence. In fact, the district was founded and developed by Wild Pines to support the cargo terminals used to transport goods across the known world. The Industrial Harbour rapidly became one of its most important parts, but it was the waterfront that became the main attraction for tourists. In '98, Rue de Saint-Ghislaine was teeming with parasol-wielding bourgeoisie and Wild Pines flags buttress the walkway.[1]


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