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Jamrock Public Library is a character in Disco Elysium. It is the in-game name for an employee of the library itself, Maurice, contacted during the Dead body on the boardwalk task.

Background[ | ]

The Central Jamrock Public Library is located at Meroe Street 78 in Jamrock, with business hours from 9:00 to 18:00.[2][3]

The library is called by Harrier Du Bois while investigating the death of the Working Class Husband, real name Victor Méjean, whose wife Billie holds a card at the library. The person who picks up the call is a middle-aged male librarian[4] named Maurice.[1] He is an employee at the library with his colleague Marie, who has been working at the library longer than him.[5]

Interactions[ | ]

References[ | ]

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    JAMROCK PUBLIC LIBRARY – "Marie?" He covers the phone with his hand and yells out into the room behind him: "Marie! Do you remember a reader named Billie Méjean? They returned a Thibault book the other day..." You hear someone answer from afar.

    PERCEPTION (HEARING) – "Maurice, what?!" a woman yells. Then: "Yes-yes, okay, if it was the police..." She starts explaining something.

    JAMROCK PUBLIC LIBRARY – "Yes, it was my colleague Marie," the librarian is speaking into the phone again. "She said that it was Billie's *husband* who returned the book. He also asked for this new sci-fi release "Loos, Radio City '87", but we don't have it yet."

  2. A FOLDED LIBRARY CARD – "If lost, please return the card to the library. Dial 005-02-55-211 or visit us at Meroe Street 78, Jamrock. Business hours: 09.00 to 18.00."

  3. YOU – "Central Jamrock Public Library?"

    WORKING CLASS WOMAN – "I think, yes. If that's the one on Meroe."

    LOGIC – It is.

  4. SHIVERS – On Meroe drive in Central Jamrock -- in a darkened hall lit by orange desk lamps -- far away from the noise outside -- a middle-aged man taps commands into an old radiocomputer. A printout falls on the desk. Behind him, a lonely reader scours some dusty bookshelves, looking for a paperback...

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