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Jean-Heron Vicquemare,[4] also known as the Man with Sunglasses, is a character in Disco Elysium. He is a lieutenant of the Revachol Citizens Militia and heads Precinct 41's Major Crimes Unit with Harrier Du Bois as his partner and satellite-officer.[5][6]

Background[ | ]

JEAN VICQUEMARE – "I'm clinically depressed, Harry. Sorry if I wasn't in the mood to butter you up after you told us to fuck off."

Jean was born in the year '16 or '17. He was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of twenty-seven, around '44.[7] Originally an equestrian officer, by '49 at the latest, he was partnered with Harry,[8] who insisted on acquiring a Coupris 40 motor carriage to better manage rapid response calls.[9] During the course of their partnership, he was promoted to lieutenant in accordance with Harry's promotions, and the two re-conceptualized Precinct 41's C-Wing as a "task force".[10]

Jean never met Harry's ex-fiancée Dora Ingerlund in person, as they had separated before he met Harry,[11][12] but knew of her (as well as the impact of their separation on Harry's psyche and his addiction) from Harry's frequent bitter remarks on the topic.[13][14] At one point, he appeared to believe Harry would recover from his alcoholism, but due to Harry's multiple relapses and desire to "get worse", he lost faith in the possibility and began to resent him.[15][16][17]

Several team members, including Guillaume Bevy, were driven away by Harry's behavior, leaving only Jean, Judit Minot, and outside consultants such as Trant Heidelstam.[18][10] Jean was often forced to take over Harry's responsibilities and lead the C-Wing in his place.[19] Despite his efforts, Harry's behaviour contributed to Precinct 41's bad reputation, one consequence of which was that Jean and the rest of the C-Wing were forced to undergo sensitivity training.[10][20]

In the early months of '51, at least two years into their partnership,[8] Jean worked alongside Harry on several other cases, mentioned in Harry's notes by his initials "JV".[21][22] In THE NEXT WORLD MURAL, he and Harry were tasked with the removal of the titular mural from a building in Central Jamrock. Jean objected, and they instead organized a public vote, with seventy-eight percent of the community voting in favour of preserving it.[21]

Several other cases Jean, Harry, and Trant were working on were continuously derailed by a case assigned to Harry on January 29th, '51: THE UNSOLVABLE CASE, concerning repeat offenders Leslie and Burke.[23][22] Jean appears to have been absent when an inebriated Harry beat Burke severely, ultimately closing the case.[24] He was mentioned alongside Trant as having "more important cases to attend to" at the time.[22]

At the start of the investigation into THE HANGED MAN in March '51, Jean, Trant, and Judit accompanied Harry to Martinaise,[25] but were told to "fuck off", as they were "cramping [his] style."[26] This was apparently compounded with emotional abuse and fits of physical destruction, which caused Jean and Judit to return to Precinct 41, leaving Harry to his three-day bender.[27]

Involvement[ | ]

Jean cannot be found in-person until the morning of Day 3; from then on, he consistently appears on the main floor of the Whirling-in-Rags alongside Judit. He dresses up as Guillaume Bevy as a joke, though Harry does not understand it and is unable to recognize Jean because of this.[28] Prior to Day 3, he can be heard when calling into Precinct 41 through the radio in Kim Kitsuragi's Kineema,[17] as well as during a joint Shivers and Esprit de Corps passive check.

  • When calling into the station to report Harry's badge and/or gun missing, Jean can be heard over the radio if he has not already arrived in Martinaise.
    • If Harry has at least 5 points in Esprit de Corps when he disconnects from the call, an additional conversation can be heard, where Jean asks the other officers in the C-Wing to treat Harry's report as a prank call in order to give him a few days to "pull his shit together".[17]
  • During a Shivers thought orb near Crime, Romance, and Biographies of Famous People, Harry can witness a conversation between Mack Torson, Chester McLaine, and potentially also Jean (depending on the day) as long as he has at least 4 points in Esprit de Corps.
    • If this conversation is triggered before Day 3, Jean will ask Mack and Chester if either of them have seen Harry, as Judit visited his apartment and found the Monday mail left unopened.[29]
    • If it is triggered after Day 3, Mack will instead wonder if Jean has found his "long lost boyfriend", with Chester replying that there is "trouble in paradise".[30]
  • Although Harry cannot correctly deduce Jean's identity until after he removes his disguise, hints at their relationship may be learned by talking to him at the Whirling. He also occasionally appears in Esprit de Corps passive checks giving some insight into his actions adjacent to Harry's.
    • Talking to Jean about any new case developments will heal morale, and a passive Inland Empire check will state that Harry finds it "calming", and feels as if he's done it before.[31]
    • Jean is likely one of the two figures watching Harry through binoculars after the failed Authority check on the ice with Acele Berger, where he breaks down and starts crying.[32]
  • During the encounter with Ruby, Jean and Judit decide to leave for Jamrock,[33] returning several days after the Mercenary Tribunal and waiting in the Fishing Village to confront Harry once he returns from the Sea Fortress.[34][4]

Trivia[ | ]

Behind the Scenes[ | ]

  • In an October 2021 update, Jean's voice actor in Disco Elysium - The Final Cut, David Meyrat, rerecorded most of his lines in the final scene of the game, opting for a harsher tone of voice.
  • In the COLLAPSING TENEMENT, a casefile which was cut from the game but can still be found in the files, Jean aids Harry in evacuating a building.[37]

References[ | ]

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    YOU – "And the C-Wing is..."

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    JEAN VICQUEMARE – "This shit does *not* leave this room! Not a word of this to the captain or anyone else. We'll give him a couple of days to pull his shit together!"

    JULES PIDIEU – "I guess I can hold off the report for a few days." Oldboy lights another cigarette.

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    DAMAGED LEDGER – AKA LESLIE & BURKE, AKA THE PUBLIC INDECENCY DRUNK & THE PROPERTY DAMAGE DRUNK is a *cursed* case. It has been passed from unsuspecting officer to unsuspecting officer for ten years. On January 29, THE UNSOLVABLE CASE made its way to you. Why you accepted it is unclear. Every officer and indeed most civilians in Jamrock know it's UNSOLVABLE.

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    EMPATHY [Medium: Success] – He sincerely thought it was going to be amusing. For both of you.

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    MACK TORSON – "Where's your homo, homey?"


    CHESTER MCLAINE – "It's not like that. They're what is called *hetero-sexual life partners*. They have a battle-tested relationship. A 'bröderbund', if you will."

    JEAN VICQUEMARE – "Huh? Yeah." He takes out his gloves and struggles to pull them onto his hands.

    MACK TORSON – "Hetero... sexual. Life... partners."

    JEAN VICQUEMARE – "Funny apery." Vicquemare finally manages to pull his gloves on. There's a small tear along the inside seam of the left glove. "Male-centric workplace humour. Have you seen him?"

    MACK TORSON – "Is there something wrong?"

    JEAN VICQUEMARE – "No, nothing. It's just... Judit went to his place and found the Monday mail unopened. I think he's still there. You didn't, like, drink with him over the weekend did you?"

  30. MACK TORSON – "Wonder if Vic's found his long lost boyfriend yet." He looks over at Chester McLaine and breaks into a laugh at his own joke. The rain falls outside.

    CHESTER MCLAINE – "Mack, they're *hetero-sexual life partners*. It's not like that," his partner smirks. "But yeah. There's trouble in paradise for that duo, Tequila Sunset has..." The sound of the rain grows so loud it drowns out his voice.

  31. MAN WITH SUNGLASSES – "A cover-up -- where the author of the cover-up is the perp? Makes sense."

    YOU – "Yeah... hey, why am I telling you these things?"

    MAN WITH SUNGLASSES – "I don't know... why are you?" He gives you an odd look.

    LOGIC [Medium: Success] – It's like you felt it would be intellectually stimulating -- and would lead somewhere. A custom even? Strange...

    INLAND EMPIRE [Challenging: Success] – Who knows why we do the things we do. Somehow bouncing those ideas off the man with sunglasses felt calming. Like you've done it before.

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    ESPRIT DE CORPS – Across the bay, two figures watch the scene unfold through coin-operated binoculars. "My god," one says in a concerned voice. "Let me see," says the other.

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    ESPRIT DE CORPS – Patrol Officer Judit Minot points west. "The fishing village..." She glances at her watch. "We meet in 15 minutes. It's a ten minute walk."

  35. PHYSICAL INSTRUMENT [Challenging: Success] – You know what? It must be because he's *buff*. He looks like he works out like he's got the devil on his back.

  36. RUBY, THE INSTIGATOR – "Well, it wasn't this scrawny dude." She nods toward the lieutenant. "You had two guys and a lady. The guys looked pretty buff. Lady wasn't bad either."

    YOU – "What else can you... tell me..."

    RUBY, THE INSTIGATOR – "One of the guys seemed chipper, a blond, the other had a brooding something-or-other about him... And the woman... the woman was the only one in uniform. All were carrying."

  37. DAMAGED LEDGER – Bad, bad thoughts go through your head. So what you do is -- you call your partner. JV (only initials available) is up. He comes immediately. He didn't take building safety, but he believes you. He brings five more officers. Together you knock on *every door* and explain the situation.