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Lieutenant, I'm sorry, but you've been *bewitched by the shitkid*. It happens. I know it's hard to accept, but he made it all up -- because he's a psychopath. It's a simple explanation.

Jean Vicquemare, or the Man with Sunglasses, is a character in Disco Elysium.


Jean-Heron Vicquemare[1] is a 34 year old[2] lieutenant and Satellite-Officer at the Precinct 41 of the Revachol Citizens Militia, located in Jamrock. He is the current partner of Harrier Du Bois[3] and the second-in-command of 41's Major Crimes Unit.[4]

Jean is estimated to have worked with Harrier Du Bois for somewhere between two[5] and six[6] years. They have cultivated a "battle-tested" relationship during this time; Chester McLaine describes them as "heterosexual life partners"[7] with a "real bröderbund."[8] Jean has been diagnosed with clinical depression[9] for seven years.[10]

Though Vicquemare's in-game dialogue towards Harry can be construed as overly hostile, he is deeply loyal to the detective. Jean worries over Harry after he does not pick up the Monday mail,[11] he requests other officers not to mention Harry's behavior when he reports his badge and/or gun missing,[12] and visits Lieutenant Kitsuragi to inquire about Harry if the Lieutenant is shot.[13] Jean has also defended Harry to Captain Pryce and Berdyayeva and taken over the task force for Harry.[14]

Jean was fine with being an "equestrian cop," but Harry convinced him to getting an RCM motor carriage, which is now crashed on the shores of Martinaise.[15]


  • Your earliest opportunity to interact with Jean is by phoning your precinct. During this call you can learn that Jean is your usual partner. A high Esprit de Corps will lead to a successful passive check, which gives insight into what happens at the Precinct. Despite Harrier's antics, Jean still wants to help him (in no small part due to Judit Minot's insistence) and orders the RCM members who listened to the radio call and Harry's admission that he lost his badge (and gun) to keep silent and give Harry a few days to recover and fix himself up.
  • Jean is referred to as "JV" in the damaged ledger.
    • In THE NEXT WORLD MURAL case, Jean is cited as the one who initiated the debate about removing the mural, as he argues that there's public support for its conservation.[16]
    • In THE UNSOLVABLE CASE, Jean was too busy to deal with Burke and Leslie.[17]
    • In the COLLAPSING TENEMENT, which is currently cut from the game, Jean aids Harry in evacuating the building.[18]
  • Jean appears with Judit Minot on Day 3, in disguise, to test Harry's state of mind.
    • You can learn in this and a later conversation that Jean is clinically depressed.[9][19]
    • If you pass a Physical Instrument check you learn that Jean "works out like he's got the devil on his back."[20]
  • Jean appears again during the debriefing after the return from the Sea Fortress.
    • During this scene, various problems Harry has caused for Jean can be uncovered: leaving Jean to manage his cases and the special task force when Harry failed to show up to work due to drinking;[14] taking unspecified actions which resulted in the precinct having to take sensitivity training;[21] telling Jean to "fuck off" because he's cramping Harry's style;[22] causing officers to quit;[23][24] letting suspects go;[25] and allegedly being emotionally manipulative.[26][27] In spite of this, Jean has defended Harry's behavior to Captain Pryce twice and to Berdyayeva four times, and has remained Harry's partner.[14]
    • You can learn that Jean was earlier disguised as Guillaume Bevy as a joke. It is implied that this is the sort of joke that Harry would find amusing.[28]
    • Jean confirms that Harry has hallucinated his tie talking to him prior to his amnesia.[29]
    • Jean is the one the who will tell you that Harry's ex-wife is named Dora Ingerlund.[30] Jean claims not to know much about her, but it is implied Harry talked about her all the time[31] and he therefore picked up some information about her.[32][33][34]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Jean is voiced by David Meyrat in The Final Cut. He was voiced by Dot Major in the original version of the game.
  • Jean's voice was changed in an October 2021 patch to the game, giving him a deeper pitch and a more gravelly sound.[35]


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