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John McCoy is a character in Disco Elysium.


Lieutenant Double-Yefreitor John "Archetype" McCoy is an officer of the Revachol Citizens Militia and a member of Precinct 41 within the Jamrock Quarter. He does not appear in-game; McCoy is exclusively mentioned through passive Esprit de Corps checks along with several other officers from Precinct 41. He has an unnamed partner.


In a passive Espirit de Corps check, McCoy tells his "babe" that he kills one or two people a week. It gives him no grief; it is like "brushing [his] teeth" to him. This is concurrent to the information that Precinct 41 is a violent district, as mentioned by Lieutenant Kitsuragi.

Kitsuragi name-drops McCoy while discussing Precinct 41 with Harry. Kitsuragi states that it must be an honour and a curse to work with with Pryce, McCoy, and Berdyayeva.

McCoy is sexually attracted to Jules Pidieu's oldest daughter, Apricot. He says this to Sergeant Torson.

Judit Minot mentions that McCoy has a mentally disabled little brother when asking Jean to treat Harry better. The younger brother's name is Lance McCoy.[1]


  1. Encyclopedia: "Lieutenant Double-Yefreitor John "Archetype" McCoy's younger brother Lance McCoy, although a man of 32 years, will mentally never surpass a six year old."