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JUDIT MINOT – "Jean, stop brutalizing him... He's trying."

Judit Minot, or the Horse-Faced Woman, is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Patrol Officer Judit Minot is an officer of the Revachol Citizens Militia. She was assigned to Precinct 41's Major Crimes Unit two months prior to the events of the game.[2] She serves as a patient voice of reason within Harry's detective posse. After the inciting incidents in Martinaise, she became the temporary partner for Satellite-Officer Jean Vicquemare, trying to figure out what happened to Harrier - and how he could be helped.

It is also possible that she may have been a partner of Joseph Mills, a deceased detective and initial investigator on the MURDER AT THE HOOKAH PARLOUR case.

Interactions[ | ]

  • The earliest opportunity to interact with Judit is by phoning up precinct 41.
    • If you pass an Esprit De Corps check, you can learn that Judit defends Harry back at the station. It is Judit who makes the case for helping Harry.
  • Minot and Jean Vicquemare - disguised as Guillaume Bevy - appear at the Whirling on Day 3, investigating Harry.
    • If you perform Karaoke and fail the performance check then talk to Judit about your Karaoke performance, she will chastise Jean for mocking your performance and tell him, "He's not right... treat him like you'd treat McCoy's little brother." This suggests that Judit's patience for Harry is in significant part due to the fact she believes he has serious mental health issues.
    • Judit can reveal that she has two children and a husband.[3]
  • Judit appears again during the final scene, where Harry is on trial to determine whether he can continue working for the RCM.
    • Judit is the one who brings up that Harry has previously "blacked out" by consuming large amounts of alcohol following mentally taxing cases.

References[ | ]

  1. JEAN VICQUEMARE – "Jude, he's drunk. It's cold. I'm fucking freezing. Let's get him to the station when he's sobered up. In two weeks or something."

  2. JUDIT MINOT – "Lieutenant," she says with a heavy sigh. "My name is not 'Horse-Faced Woman'. It's Judit Minot. I was assigned to your unit two months ago. I thought we were friends..."

  3. JUDIT MINOT – "Well... raising two children and half a husband on a patrol officer's wage. Yes, I guess I am working class."