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Julia Dobreva is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Known as one of the 'Revolutionary Lovers', Julia Dobreva was a leader of the Revacholian front of the Antecentennial Revolution, having immigrated there from Graad. She served as Dual Commissar of the Revolution alongside her partner, Jean Abadanaiz, and was noted for being charismatic and brilliant.[1][2] The couple's role would inspire the notion of dual-leadership: the décomptage system present in the Insulindian Citizens Militia, which persists in its descendant, the RCM.[3]

After Operation Death Blow in '08, as the Commune of Revachol began its final collapse, Jean and Julia both disappeared mysteriously.[1] Some claim that Julia was killed during the fighting, her last words being: "Capital is past".[4] However, the revolutionaries' bodies were both discovered in '35, in a beach in Ozonne, having apparently committed suicide by poison.[5]

References[ | ]

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