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Klaasje, also known as Miss Oranje Disco Dancer, is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

NOTE: The information in this section is given by a character who is proven to have fabricated information about her identity, therefore, all of the information presented should not be taken as absolute fact.

KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – I love Revachol, though. I hope she loves me too.

Born in the year '23 in Oranje, Katarzine Alasije was the daughter of Zsiemsk immigrants from Graad, though naturalized Oranjese.[7] At the age of 14, she won the Miss Teen Oranje beauty-pageant, a competition that was later discontinued.[8] She claims it was her immigrant descent and appearance that attracted attention in the competition.[9] Throughout her youth, she claims to have worked a variety of jobs, including as a secretary and roller skating instructor.[10] Her victory at the competition would also get her a scholarship for studying Oranjese literature.[11] In university, she also met a boy, a writer of Oranjese lit, who became her first boyfriend and gave her the nickname "Klaasje".[12]

One of her jobs that she performed well at was as an insurance seller, which brought her to the attention of a large banking firm.[13] Her new job as "competitive intelligence" finally brought her stability, and became her main focus. The first job performed for her employers was the infiltration of a small printing company, which was so successful she was called for another.[14] However, her work also resulted in several people losing their jobs and livelihoods,[15] and at least one person committed suicide due to this.[16] Her connections also affected her boyfriend, who never recovered.[12]

The second job was against the Loosduin County Savings Bank, a subsidiary of a large coporate conglomerate named Looskap, with ties to the Moralist International and massive, destructive economic influence over second world countries.[17] After the completion of her objectives, Klaasje feared that her employers would attempt to get rid of her, and fled instead of attending their rendezvous.[18] Using falsified documents that her employer had given her, with the name "Annouk Meijer-Smit", Klaasje took a flight to Revachol.[19] Her bags contained tickets for Villiers and then Casherbrume, on the Free State of Semenine, in order to hide at the edge of the Pale.[20]

Upon arriving, Klaasje booked a room in the Whirling-in-Rags and hid her documents inside a hollowed-out buoy, floating in the Martinaise Inlet. Then, she engaged in an intense regimen of partying, sex, drugs, booze, and karaoke. She amassed quite the collection of drugs, including NACRA (an opioid receptor antagonist for dealing with overdoses) and plenty of Preptide, Saint Batiste's proprietary amphetamine. Her documents were later taken by the Insulindian Phasmid.[21] Despite her hiding, however, Klaasje continued to live in fear of persecution from both her employers and Looskap,[22] though neither would actually find her there.

Relationship With The Deceased[ | ]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for the main story follow. (Skip)

Instead, her presence attracted the attention of Iosef Lilianovich Dros, who watched her from his sniper's nest in the Sea Fortress, and developed a psychosexual obsession.

Provoked to kill by Klaasje and Lely's relationship, Dros shot and killed him through the window of her hostel room while the two were having sex. Fearing that the bullet was from a corporate assassin meant for her,[23] Klaasje set out to cover up the crime, manipulating Ruby and Titus Hardie into staging a hanging so that the RCM would investigate, believing it to be a murder tied to the ongoing strike.

She disguised her voice by nicking the telephone wire with a pair of nail scissors before calling in to report the supposed hanging[24] because she was afraid of the repercussions if it was discovered that she had phoned the RCM.


Interactions[ | ]

  • Klaasje is the first character available to be interacted with, though passing by without talking to her on the first day may make a later Red Check easier. At first she is encountered while looking over Whirling's lower floor. In this first encounter, it is possible to roll for a Red Suggestion Check. Failure will prompt her to leave early without any further interrogation, while success will prompt a comment about the attraction being caused by heightened testosterone levels from the alcohol.[25] Removing the "Expression" beforehand will give a positive modifier for the check. She retreats into her room after Kim's initial introduction on the main floor.
  • She will mention Ostentatious Orchestrations, a disco group, and clue Harry in on his earlier exploits, including what he's meant to be doing in Martinaise.
  • Klaasje is made available for further questioning once the White Authority Check with Titus has been cleared, though it is recommended to have finished the field autopsy before she'll tell you what she knows about the night the hanged man died.
  • The choice to arrest Klaasje or let her go is given once all avenues for questioning are exhausted. If she is arrested, Kim will leave for the day to bring her in to the station, if not, she will assist with another key clue later on.
  • Pushing her far enough with a potential arrest will result in her betraying Ruby, giving enough details to press Titus with for her wherabouts.
  • Klaasje is available to talk until after the tribunal, if not arrested.

Behind the Scenes[ | ]

  • The name which is given to Klaasje, "Miss Oranje Disco Dancer", is a reference to Miss Europa Disco Dancer, a song by Manic Street Preachers.[26]

Gallery[ | ]

References[ | ]

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    KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "No, it's submerged in a plastic buoy on the coast, in the reeds. It just... doesn't say Klaasje Amandou. It says Annouk Meijer-Smit."

  2. YOU – "Wait, Klaasje is an abbreviation of Katarzine Alasije?"

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  5. SHIVERS [Easy: Success] – The snow falls on her shoulders, then melts in her light blond hair... Cold and soft.

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    KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "I..." She looks down, then into your eyes. 'One of them killed themselves. Because of me."

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  18. KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "I didn't show up to a rendezvous. They don't take that *lightly*." She rushes to explain: "I didn't show up because I was afraid they'd... do something to me. The job was finished -- I'm just a liability now."

  19. KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "Passport and visa." She nods. "Given to me by my employer. I can't even use them. My employer probably leaked the name -- Meijer-Smit -- to hurt me."

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    ENCYCLOPEDIA – In the Free State of Semenine. Hidden away at the edge of the Earth, near the pale.

  21. YOU – "The phasmid took it -- and I *sensed* it do so. I saw something open up the buoy with spindly legs." (Point to your head.)

  22. KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "As to who hired me for the job -- I don't know. But *they're* after me too. Along with Looskap, and their friends in the MI." She breathes out, heavily. "Once you're done in the competitive intelligence circuit, you don't have allies. You're radioactive."

  23. YOU – "Could the people after you have killed him?"

    KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "That's the first thing that went through my head, when I heard the glass break."

  24. KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "I didn't exactly *disguise* it. I just muffled the mic and nicked the landline a little."

    YOU – "Nicked it -- how?"

    KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "With nail clippers. And I diverted some radio fuzz into it. Into the cold wire."

  25. KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "Alcohol raises testosterone levels, especially in men," she says matter-of-factly. "The levels remain elevated after inebriation ends and the pain begins. You seek comfort. It's only natural."

    ENCYCLOPEDIA [Legendary: Success] – Isn't it the other way around? Heavy drinking decreases testosterone... and believe me, you would know.

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