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Fuck does Cuno care?

Cuno or Kuuno de Ruyter is a character in Disco Elysium.


A fine example of Revacholian youth under the capitalist regime of the Coalition, Kuuno - or Cuno - is a miserable disgrace at a glance and upon subsequent inspections. An unpredictable, foul-mouthed braggart with a penchant for FALN sportswear, amphetamine, and violence proportional to his twelve year old self with a particularly strong addictive personality (and awareness thereof, which is impressive).

The reasons for this are simple: Kuuno is the victim of domestic violence, routinely beaten by his alcoholic father and living in a dead-end dump called the Capeside apartments. With no prospects of ever digging himself out of Martinaise, Cuno does what he does best: He doesn't care and spends his days exploring the derelict city, building up his mighty fortress, or finding ways to earn real and expand his ever-increasing FALN collection.

That's not to say he's devoid of depth: Cuno knows a great deal about Martinaise and what goes on around. The inherent human decency and love haven't been fully scrubbed from his soul. His shadow, Cunoesse, is an adoptive sister of sorts he took in after he found her squatting in a janitor's closet one day. He just left the door open and let her move in, and the two became inseparable. Truth to be told, she scares him and he feels compelled to put on his best tough man - well, tough boy - facade, and the two are just constantly trying to one-up each other when it comes to being insufferable.

However, if given the chance, Cuno would move away from his miserable life. Until then, he'll amuse himself, for instance, by pelting a dead body with maximum velocity projectiles: Rocks.


  • Cuno does not seem like it at a glance, but he's one of the more important characters in the investigation, and can provide a wealth of knowledge to you if you treat him right. Or you can just punch him in the face (red Physical Instrument Challenging check), but this will require making amends down the road with smokes or some light reading material. Electing not to punch him after getting the thought will also upset the dynamic and make Cuno regard Harry as his prison bitch.
  • Instead of resorting to violence, you can also try to understand him with Empathy (Legendary white check), which will help you realize why he's so high-strung and get you into his good graces. It's Cunoesse that keeps winding him up and driving a wedge between him and others. Passing the Empathy check allows you to try and separate Cuno and her. Doing so is recommended, as he can sell you a pair of FALN Modular Track Pants at a discount.
  • You can gain access to the pants by asking about the victim's clothes, after finding them in the trash. Cuno will mistake the question for a question about his FALN Modulars, and gush over the Mirova pants made by pants scientists, and open up the ability to buy them later.
  • Another option available at first interaction is taking him down a peg using Authority after a Challenging passive check to insult him, turning his insults on him (basically, by agreeing that yes, you want to fuck him). This will backfire (if your Volition intervenes) and confuses both Cuno and Kim, if present.
  • You can also get an easy +25 XP and kudos from Conceptualization, if you mention visiting his shack, the pig-head, then say "Cool pig-head. I liked it. I got one too, this one." (Point to your head.) "It's shit.", which throws Cuno, Cunoesse, and Kim off-track.
  • You can also gain Political alignment points by asking him about the mug from the trash and describing it (calling it racist nets Leftist points, "adequate" nets Fascist points, and quaint "Moralist" points).
Legendary checks
  • If Cunoesse cries rape and Cuno joins in, and you do not step back, you can pass a Legendary check:
Windows are being opened. On Rue de Saint-Cispare, people are turning their heads. An elderly woman puts down her grocery bags in front of the Frittte store and listens. Somewhere behind her, the gates of the industrial harbour are raised.
On the catwalk above the shipping containers, a broad-shouldered man jerks his head up. "That Cuno? Cop's getting killed out there." The tattooed mesque next to him smiles. "That's Cuno alright!"
Capeside apartments
  • Cuno also provides a way to enter Capeside apartments: If you inquire about drugs, he'll send you off to acquire speed from his apartment, warning against his deadbeat father. This starts the Split a 'kilo' with Cuno task.
Party member
  • If Kim meets a bad end during the tribunal, landing in the hospital, Cuno can be recruited to act as your sidekick for the remainder of the game. The advantages are the hilarity of having the equivalent of a wound-up monkey on crack jumping around you all the time and the opportunity to recruit him into the RCM, which nets an achievement. The disadvantage? Cuno has no camera, so you won't have any proof of meeting the Insulindian Phasmid. Tough luck!

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