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"Am I wearing a little bow tie? Am I wearing a bow tie and doing this?" He shakes the imaginary shaker, furiously.

Lawrence Garte is a character in Disco Elysium.


A man in his late twenties, Garte is the cafeteria manager for a franchise including three establishments, such as the Whirling-In-Rags. A competent manager, though not without his own idiosyncrasies, such as making unwanted advances on his employees. He had to step in to replace Sylvie Malaìika after Harrier Du Bois went on his three day bender, scaring the poor woman off with his antics.

Garte lives elsewhere in Jamrock, so it wasn't a long ride for him. He is annoyed at losing one of his employees to Harry's antics , the room trashed, and a rotting corpse strung up in the backyard.


  • Garte manages the Whirling and is a source of some information about the murder. Most importantly, he's the guy you pay 20 every day to keep the door to your room open (after you cover the 130 worth of damages). It's possible to negotiate the cost down to 30 with a red skill check (threaten him with arrest etc. successfully).
  • Garte will provide some background on what happened with the body and give Sylvie Malaìika's phone number for you to call from Kim's Kineema. If you introduce yourself as a harbinger of ruin who seen the end, asked him about Sylvie before joining with Kim, or have 4 Rhetoric, you can squeeze some info why he thinks that Sylvie left out of him, which allows to proceed with a small quest later on.
  • When Garte confronts you about the money, you can use Savoir Faire 9 to slip away unnoticed (just flee). Failing the check is actually beneficial, as it allows you to negotiate the price down, as mentioned above.
  • Garte is also the focus of a task given by Sylvie. Garte thinks Sylvie left the Whirling because of him, but Sylvie says it was actually because of you and your drunken rampage. Talk to Garte for her and sort things out for them.
  • When you first meet him, Garte will be attempting to fix a taxidermy skua that Harry broke during his drunken rampage. You can find a taxidermy grouse in the fishing village to replace the skua and make it up to him.
  • If you successfully passed the Hand-Eye Coordination check for either the gun or Spirit Bomb equipped during the Mercenary Tribunal, Garte would show his newfound respect for Harry in the aftermath. He then offers to let Harry stay in his usual room at the Whirling-in-Rags free of charge.

Behind the scenes[]

Garte is voiced by Adam Lawton Stanley. Although Stanley remained Garte's voice actor in The Final Cut, his lines were re-recorded with a different inflection.