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GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER – "Am I wearing a little bow tie? Am I wearing a bow tie and doing this?" He shakes the imaginary shaker, furiously.

Lawrence Garte is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

A man in his late twenties, Garte is the cafeteria manager for a franchise of three establishments, including the Whirling-in-Rags.[2] He was forced to step in to replace Sylvie Malaìika, who quit after Harrier Du Bois's three-day bender. He is actually quite familiar with the Whirling, as he's started his career as an employee there, in '37 - fourteen years ago.[3] Garte also falsely believes that he himself is partly responsible for Sylvie quitting her job at the establishment.[4] He lives elsewhere in Jamrock, only coming to Martinaise occasionally to keep an eye on the Whirling-In-Rags.[5] Despite his gripes, he does genuinely care about the Whirling-in-Rags and many of its regular customers.[6][7]

Involvement[ | ]

Garte is one of the first people Harry can encounter upon waking up on Day 1. He may be spoken to immediately after descending to the main floor of the Whirling-in-Rags, or after meeting with Detective Kim Kitsuragi, who suggests speaking to him as their initial interviewee.

Garte is initially unhappy with Harry due to the damage he has caused to his room, and demands payment to cover the damages, as well as the bar tab Harry racked up. Harry may resolve to pay what he owes, threaten Garte (Authority check), or attempt to run away (Savoir Faire check), which will prompt Garte to knock money off of the total owed, even if the check was failed. The total may be reduced to as low as 30. After the initial sum is paid, Harry will need to pay Garte an additional 20 for access to his room each night.

When asked details about the investigation, Garte is relatively forthcoming and cooperative, unless insulted, providing basic information about the situation.

Garte expresses concern that he caused Sylvie Malaìika to leave her job at the Whirling after he asked her on a date. He will give her phone number to Kim, which may be called to discover who made the call reporting the crime, and Harry may ask why she really quit. She reveals that she liked Garte, and only left because of Harry's behaviour. After speaking to Sylvie, Harry may either help the two reconcile, or give Garte "advice", telling him that he should not get involved with her.

Mistakenly believing that Sylvie had been the one to break the taxidermy skua -- a symbol of peace in the city of Revachol -- Garte spends much of his time trying to repair it. Taking Garte the Ruffed Grouse Taxidermy to replace the skua (which was actually broken during Harry's drunken rampage) helps convince Garte to allow Harry to sing karaoke.

Upon noticing various things around the Whirling-in-Rags, Harry may discuss them with Garte.

  • Garte will inform Harry that the kitchen is accessible after 13:00 if he is asked why the door is closed.
  • If Harry does not pry open the trash container in the Whirling's backyard, he is able to ask Garte for a key. This can be returned once it is used to unlock the container, or kept so that Harry can shut himself in and sleep in the trash, gaining the Real Musor achievement along with a unique game over.
  • After examining the blue door in the kitchen, Harry may ask Garte about it, to which he admits that he has been curious about it for quite some time, but does not know what is behind it. If Harry kicks down Klaasje's door or opens the blue kitchen door with a key to see what is behind it, he may inform Garte of the pinball machines behind it, which he expresses interest in replacing the broken machine near the west door with.[8]
  • Overhearing Lena and Garte speaking about the damaged phone line and asking about it directly will result in Garte informing Harry that the line was cut just after the hanging.
    • Klaasje will later admit to nicking the wire to disguise her voice, which may be relayed to Garte as well.
  • Garte may be informed of the Whirling being a part of the Doomed Commercial Area, which causes him to fret about the Whirling's reputation should customers find out about its connection to the rumoured curse.
  • Upon discovering the peep-hole in Klaasje's bedroom wall, Garte will resolve to patch it up personally when told, and vouches for his staff, insisting that no one at the Whirling would do such a thing.

Garte appears on the balcony of the Whirling-in-Rags during the Mercenary Tribunal, watching until the firefight gets too intense,[9] and manages to survive the fight. While Harry is unconscious, he cleans up his room, and once he regains consciousness Garte expresses some relief, and promises that both he (and Kim) may stay at the Whirling free of charge[10] as thanks for defending (or attempting to defend) the Whirling and its clientèle.[11]

Gallery[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. LOGIC [Medium: Success] – *Babybeard*... that can only be Garte, the cafeteria manager.

    YOU – "You mean Garte?"

    CUNO – "Yeah, fuckin' babybeard. Cleaned all your shit up. He's like your fuckin' mom now or something."

  2. KIM KITSURAGI – "Mr... Garte, right?" The lieutenant glances into his little notebook. "You run this place?"

    GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER – "Yes," he responds tersely.

  3. GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER – "For 14 years, man -- that's how long I've worked here. I've kept this place up through hail and through sleet. Fuck me, if some Doom Ghost..." he steadies his voice.

  4. GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER – "Okay, you got me. She went away because of the dead body out back -- and because I asked for her number. That's why Sylvie went away. I hope you appreciate that..."

  5. KIM KITSURAGI – "You said you just got here -- from where? Are you a local?"

    GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER – "What? Of Martinaise -- no. I live in Jamrock. I only *sometimes* come here to keep an eye on the place. This is just one of many, many cafeterias I manage."

  6. SUGGESTION [Easy: Success] – Sounds like he cares about the place. He's not going to be overjoyed to hear that it's part of the Doomed Commercial Area.

  7. EMPATHY [Medium: Success] – He's done a fine job too. Though he's spoken of the place dismissively before, the hostel is actually very important to him.

    YOU – "You really care about the Whirling, huh."

    GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER – "Yeah." He sighs. "It's *slowly* growing on me again. It's beautiful, in its own way -- especially for this neighbourhood. I've been trying to keep it that way..."

  8. YOU – "Thinking of turning this place back into a pinball arcade?"

    GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER – He scowls. "No. But we could... *diversify* the entertainment options. Seeing as you've opened the door back there... The machine we have in the corner now is broken."



  10. GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER – "I wish you a quick recovery. Also!" He raises his finger. "You and your partner are staying here free now. This establishment supports cops. The stay is free -- the drinks are not," he adds. "Just felt I needed to specify that."

  11. GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER – "You're welcome. I thought it would be nice for you to wake up in a clean place after you -- let's be fair -- defended this establishment and its clientèle from gunfire."