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Ledger of Failure and Hatred
Ledger of failure and hatred.png
+1 Empathy: Got fucked

+1 Inland Empire: The un-well feeling

-2 Authority: Got fucked real bad


Ledger of Failure and Hatred is an item in Disco Elysium.


This is the same ledger you found in the trash, only *worse* somehow. It makes you think about the letter. About the woman's handwriting. About not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. NOTE! Mouse over the item to see effects.


  • Interactive object, also gives passive effects when equipped. You can examine it to figure out a bit about your distinguished past as an officer, read case files, and pass the time that way. Reading case files requires Logic and can be made easier by having Kim explain the numeric system for cases (-1), having a set of Icosahedral Dice Set Sirens (-2), finishing the field autopsy (-1), asking about Ruby in the Fishing village (-1), and finishing up with Titus (-1).


  • Emerges from the Damaged Ledger if you open the hidden compartment and do not discard the gum wrapper.