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Leonard Bellec, commonly called Easy Leo, is a character in Disco Elysium.


Found sitting on the edge of a cargo container just outside Evrart Claire's office, Easy Leo is an elderly immigrant from the vanishing peninsula of Ubi Sunt on the Mundi isola. He originally came to Martinaise with his mother, fleeing Iraesh and his abusive father. He was ten years old back then, too old to lose the accent, too young to pass for a Martinaise native. He's cheerful, friendly, and quick to deny any rumours of sheep-related misconduct on part of the Ubi folk. He has no children, though if he did, he would want them to be like Elizabeth Beaufort. However, his wife is infertile, having been informed by the veteran Doctor Lemaitre.

At his age, he's no longer doing much physical work, but is an aide to Evrart Claire, in charge of various odds and ends to support his marriage. Unlike most dockworkers, he's understanding of the scabs - at least the reasons for their attempts at strikebreaking. Since the start of the strike, he's focused on supplying the *special* borscht to the strikers, repainting cargo containers, and making banners.


  • Easy Leo is a trove of information on the Union and its activities, on account of his slight dementia. You can mock him for his desire to do good by Evrart, but this will earn a negative reaction from Kim.
  • A red Logic check (Easy) when he mentions repainting the containers allows you to figure out that the Union is stealing the containers, swapping the Wild Pines livery with their own.
  • Asking him about the banners - after finding the note in the harbour secretariat - allows you to question him about the special borscht, starting the *special* borscht task.